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Step-by-Step Guide to Skylight Window Repair

To repair your skylight windows, you need to know how to do it correctly. Keep reading to discover the most effective skylight window repair techniques.

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Skylight windows are designed to resist the harshest weather conditions.  As skylight windows let in a lot of sunlight, they reduce your dependence on artificial lighting and also your energy bills.  However, because of their constant exposure to said weather conditions, they are also prone to damage. When skylight windows stop functioning properly, it can lead to water leakage and increased energy consumption. In such a situation, you should repair them as soon as you can. But do you know how? In this blog post, you will learn to repair your skylight windows easily.

Tips to Repairing Skylight Windows Like a Pro

Find the Leaks

Skylight windows may leak for various reasons. Sometimes it may not be a leak but condensation formed inside the glass during winter. Find out if your skylight is entirely closed and whether the seals are in proper working order. Once you are done checking inside, examine the exterior. Be sure that shingles, snow, leaves and debris are not blocking the natural flow of water off the roof. If you find something improper around the leak, think about making repairs immediately.

Check the Roof Flashing

Skylight leakage often occurs because of failed flashing. Roof flashing primarily consists of metals, like aluminum or copper, that complement their surroundings and create a watertight seal. Use cement and flashing kits to prevent further damage to roof flashing. This will relieve your skylight leakage but not for long. If your flashing fails, remove shingles around the skylight, reinstall the flashing, and put new shingles in place.

Block Any Gap

Once you locate a leak in your skylight window, use high-quality roofing cement to block any gap. To further seal the areas surrounding a skylight window, use silicone caulking. You can also fix or replace the metal fittings around your window frame to stop leakage. If you cannot do this on your own, hire a window repair professional.

Examine the Window Glass Quality

With each passing day, insulated glass frames lose a bit of their seal or insulation. To check how much, see if there is any opaqueness or condensation, as a sealed window will always be clear. If you notice any defect in the seal of your skylight window, think about replacing the glass or frame.

Look for Cracks or Breaks in the Glass

Adverse weather conditions and falling debris can cause cracks and breaks in skylight window glass. Such damage increases the risk of glass failure and water dripping into the home. It is easy to fix small cracks in window glass as required, but in the case of larger cracks, you will need to replace the windowpane.

Clean the Window Glass

Proper cleaning of your skylight window glass is a must. Use window cleaner and a soft cloth, and wipe the glass in a clockwise motion for best results. If you find cracks when cleaning the glass, apply an epoxy sealer with a good applicator.

Check Gears and Motor

Open skylight windows circulate fresh air inside your home. No matter whether your skylight is operated by hand or motor, the gears that raise and lower skylights can fail suddenly. So check your gears frequently and repair them as required. Window coverings for skylights are usually motorized to facilitate remote operation. The motors demand frequent maintenance, so examine them often to determine whether repairs are necessary.  

Skylight windows are wonderful additions to any home. However, if they are not checked and maintained properly, they might succumb to damage owing to their continual exposure to outside weather. Professional window repair service is always the best option, but if that is not easily available, you need to fix them on your own. The guidelines provided above will help you do so like a pro.

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