Building Inspections

Structures or Building Inspections and controls

The arrival of the drone in the building sector to bring many technical and economic solutions to perform all types of Building Inspections and controls of buildings and structures, ranging from simple visual Building Inspections to the most technical photogrammetry or thermography Aerial.

The drone has become an indispensable tool in many building and public works sectors , offering multiple services and providing technical services useful to many trades. 

Small and maneuverable, the drone can access everywhere by taking height, to fly over and to inspect or control all types of buildings or structures, moreover, it avoids the use of heavy and expensive means like the nacelles or scaffoldings, thus allowing the professional to save time and thus save money.

The evolution and miniaturization of cameras, probes or other technical sensors, allows the drone to be able to carry out visual or Sydney Building Inspections.

Visual Building Inspections

The drone makes it possible to carry out Building Inspections, buildings or works of art, by photographing or filming in very high definition the whole structure, but also to be able to approach the nearest or to zoom in on a precise part to look for the slightest defect, view the deformations, identify cracks or degradation.

The aerial images can be viewed live on a ground control screen and allow different professionals, architects, site managers, builders, builders or any other trades, to ask the pilot to direct, his drone on specific areas, and to film or photograph closer to a closer Building Inspections or control. 

Technical Building Inspectionss

The drone can perform various Building Inspections depending on the type of cameras or probes with which it is equipped, allow professionals to take measurements, calculate surface areas or search for heat losses.


The photogrammetry is an imaging technique to different angles allow geotagged to restore a building or a structure at the desired scale, this assembly of orthophotos is processed by a powerful software to get a 3D modeling, offering images of great precision, to identify the least malfunction and especially to be able to make accurate measurement readings and calculate surfaces or cubages.


The aerial thermography by drone, makes it possible to look for thermal losses or other sources of heats, to carry out the control or the thermal building inspections or structures, the drone is equipped with a thermal camera, realizing images infrared, then analyzed by a thermist, which in a detailed report will highlight the problems of insulation, sources of structural heating, leaking liquids, heat or any other malfunctions.

In addition to being economical and quick to implement, the drone does not require human intervention, which avoids risk taking professionals and avoids damage to the building or the inspected work of art.

Our network professionals drone pilots, based on sets of French regions, is at your service to meet your needs for Building Inspections and controls of construction, whether a particular community or a professional.

Common problem during building inspection

Negative soil slopes (slope to the house) are frequently observed during building inspections that I attend. When building a house, the size of the excavation is + or - a meter wider than the foundations to erect. As the edge of the foundations is backfilled with an uncompacted material, it forms, in the course of subsequent years, a settlement.

This settlement is also caused by dripping water from the roof, especially if your home is devoid of gutters. If you do not correct this situation by adding new soil, the accumulation of water at this location may result in an overload of water on the outskirts of the residence and you may have water infiltration.

This measurement is part of normal maintenance. Check the situation every year and correct it as needed. In some cases, natural soil slopes may cause concern, especially when the property's architecture is not in harmony with the construction site and where there is no provision in place to properly control the flow. some water.

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