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The best moments in life undoubtedly include for the most part a sweet presence; that is, a good piece of cake. Bliss becomes perfect when that slice is sugar and gluten free. Thanks to Crave, the best sugarfree cake is available.


The best moments in life undoubtedly include for the most part a sweet presence; that is, a good piece of cake. Bliss becomes perfect when that slice is sugar and gluten free. Thanks to Crave, the best sugarfree cake is available.

Eating is one of the most delicious pleasures. Desserts occupy a privileged place in this enjoyment and this experience becomes perfect when you manage to find a place like Crave by Leena; where you can delight in cakes free of sugar, gluten.

Crave is the only 100% vegan bakery in Bangalore, famous for offering the best sugar-free cakes and desserts, with a unique and totally addictive taste that you won't want to stop enjoying.

Eat your sugar-free cake in Bangalore without guilt

Crave's cakes are characterized by looking as delicious as they taste. They are a real treat for those who love to enjoy varied textures and the most exquisite flavors.  You will always want to eat more than one slice, so you can do so without remorse because each cake is sugar-free, but loaded with the sweetness you love to enjoy.

If you are a fitness person who cares about your figure or simply cannot consume sugars or gluten; Crave does the best gift for you since you can indulge your cravings know that your health and size will not be at risk.

Each sugarfree cake has been made with the finest ingredients, using natural sugar alternatives like Organic Jaggery and dates by chefs with extensive experience in vegan baking. When you visit Crave by Leena website you will be amazed at the wide variety of options. There are so many that you won't hesitate to visit us often to brighten your palate in a healthy way.

Sugar-free cakes in Bangalore online

You can place your order online by simply visiting the following website address and wait from the comfort of your home or office for the delicious treat to arrive in your hands. You are sure to be satisfied with the quality of each cake and dessert. Your coffee afternoons will have found the ideal companion.

You will fall in love with the soft, fluffy and delicious taste of these sugarfree cakes in Bangalore.

Crave: the best sugar free cake in Bangalore

Every customer can choose from a wide variety of options. With Crave's sugarfree cake, you can add quality to every family moment and special occasion. You can order your birthday or theme cake sugar-free and gluten-free; with the assurance that you will enjoy great taste.

Among some of the options you can find, we mention:

  • Chocolate Truffle
  • White n black
  • Almond Joy
  • Chocolate Walnut Fudge


From the first bite you will find only the quality of an excellent cake, fresh and fluffy that preserves the best flavor. With a sweetness that will make you overlook the fact that your cake was actually made without a single pinch of sugar.

Crave's recipes have been perfected to become true works of art, so every customer will always be able to enjoy flavors as delicious as they are intense. You will love the taste of chocolate, the taste of coffee, the taste of fruit. Crave strives to offer a unique experience.

If you try Crave's sugar-free cakes, you won't be satisfied with just enjoying one slice. You will always want to try a little more. Your health and your figure won't be compromised. These sugarfree cakes are made for total enjoyment.

Need a sugar-free cake? Come to Crave

Although Crave offers splendid service online, our customers can visit their outlet located at 14A, 6th Cross Rd, 9th Main, ST Bed Layout, Koromangala 4th Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095 to enjoy quality care and fresh desserts with a unique taste that will make you think of us often.

Thanks to these sugarfree cakes you can bring joy back to your loved ones who are unable to eat sugar or gluten. There will be no limitations to celebrate and share a sweet moment. Each slice will be a gift; because it will not put your sugar levels at risk.

Each sugarfree cake is ideal bring to a birthday, a meeting or a particular celebration. It is sure to be enjoyed by everyone, including children; because every cake at Crave stands out for the good quality of its taste as we use natural sugar such as organic jaggery and dates.

In addition, they have a splendid presentation. They look as rich as they are beautiful and elegant. Crave takes care of every detail; so you will never be disappointed. You will find the best sugarfree cakes in Bangalore at Crave.

Your guests will be eager to taste the sugarfree cake, thanks to the professionalism with which they are crafted and decorated. At Crave they know the importance of hooking the stomach through the eyes and that is why every cake is a treat for all tastes.

Customize your sugar-free cake order

Crave is the only vegan bakery in Bangalore. Every cake baked is free of animal products including: dairy, egg and honey. The sugar-free cakes are so safe that they can be eaten in moderation by diabetics, as only dates when you mention it is for diabetics.

You can place your orders and order a customized cake to exclude ingredients that could be harmful in any way. For example, if you or someone you wish to give one of these cakes as a gift is allergic to nuts or any other ingredient; they can be excluded from the elaboration.

You can also get your sugarfree cake and make it themed or birthday cake. Crave's chefs are always ready to provide you with quality service that meets your requirements.

Crave by Leena is the only bakery in Bangalore where you can get the tastiest sugarfree cake; enjoyed by young and old alike. Besides that we also offer options like desserts, cookies, quiche and pies, brownies, cupcakes, among others.

Our pick-up menus are ready in 2 hours and we have free delivery service from Rs. 2,000 and above.

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