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Television Acquiring Guide Bangladesh-2020

Know about the ideal TV brands, Technology Screen Size, Resolutions Picture Options, and many more in-depth features about Smart TVs.

Know about the ideal TV brands, Technology Screen Size, Resolutions Picture Options, and many more in-depth features about TVs from PLASMA to OLED TVs.

Hey friends, do you want to purchase a TV for your home? If so, then What Sort of TV-LCD, LED, OLED, or Plasma or Quantum Dot? What are the dimensions of TV? Do not worry, friends. This is the perfect Samsung smart tv price in Bangladesh buying guide for you that can allow you to choose the right decision for getting your Samsung tv price in BD in 2020.

Men, whenever you go to buy a TV for the first time in your life, you may hear several such queries from the salesman. But the majority of the customers do not have the correct understanding of those pieces of advice, and they quickly get fooled by the salespersons.

Do not fall for marketing promotion, nor spend your money based on incorrect thinking. If you are in the shop to acquire the latest TV, you must have the following things.

Best TV Buying Guide Bangladesh at 2020

Despite being a many names, an LED TV is comparable to LCD TV in almost all aspects. The main difference is the origin of light (Back-light) present behind the screen.

Each of these generates a tiny parcel of crystal picture and together creates a sharp image. Both LCD and LED TVs run on the same concept, but there's a variation in the point that in LCD TVs, cold cathode fluorescent bulbs are employed as a back-light, whereas in LED tv price in BD, efficient Light-Emitting Diodes are used to illuminate the screen.

These bulbs are comparatively smaller. However, they are brighter and efficient than CCFLs. For the most fantastic images of the same type, which TV LED display is often thinner than the LCD? LEDs can be split into categories.


OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. Unlike LED TV, it's its source of light that means you will find numerous tiny LED bulbs that are seen supporting the screen, which generates pictures.

It doesn’t need any back-light, due to which it is a lot thinner than LED TV. Its viewing angle, color contrast, color accuracy, and is far superior compared to LED TVs. It's also blur-free, and pixel brightness and scope are much higher than LED TVs.

You can also watch TV easily and sitting in a slanting state. You will not view the overlapping of colors, which recommends black color would be visible as full white and black color as white.

It’s Clarity and other specialties are the ideal choices; however, it's very pricey. Now let's talk about QLED TVs. QLED TVs are the form of LED TVs that use quantum dots that improve performance in significant photo high-quality locations.

It empowers QLED TVs to give brightness level and picture quality in comparison to LED TVs. The QLED TV can display more extra colors than LED TVs without quantum dots. Recently, many manufacturers also have published their QLED TVs. Most of the experience of viewing QLED and OLED are the same. If you'd like more powerful quality, frame rate, contrast afterward, QLED and OLED are most generous, but their prices are higher than other TVs.


A plasma Screen is a form of TV in which each pixel has its luminance as behind the screen, charged gases are found. Plasma is put between two thin eyeglasses. The performance of plasma is more helpful in dark regions, and its viewing angle is much better than LCD plus, it's excellent pixel quality and perfect color combination. It may have an issue of burn-in, and it is not as smart as LCD.

TV display resolution -- Greatest TV Buying Guide Bangladesh at 2020

When you flip in your TV or Mobile, have a look at its display, and you will see very little small dots inside it. Those Dots are called Pixels. All these are always divided into rows and columns on the screen. We predict the pixels divided into two-column and rows.

If you’re PC, TV, or smartphone shows have 600 pixels and 800 pixels are in rows and columns, respectively, your device's display resolution is 800 × 600. The better your display's pixels will be as good as the resolution of your collection. And the picture will seem transparent. You must have heard of HD, FULL HD, and 4K Ultra HD, etc. Whenever you purchase a smartphone or TV, you can view some printed writings such as HD or complete HD, and these are nothing but resolutions. So high is so now if you buy an item, definitely checking the resolution of its display.

Screen size- Best TV Buying Guide Bangladesh in 2020

Generally, Clients think that the more significant the TV's size beneath their budget, the better the TV. However, before you determine how big this TV, you need to think about the size of this wall unit and the inside of your residence.

Bear in Mind that how big this TV screen is measured by the opposite angles, not the height or width that the TV screens size is written on the TV product's page. You shouldn't regret purchasing a small TV since if you is going to buy a large TV, you have to take a seat at a great distance from the TV screen; otherwise, you may see blurry pictures and videos.

You will find Different recommendations from manufacturers, shops, and reviewers. The method is to assess the space between the sitting room and the TV inch and split it by 1.5.

The distance of 10 ft., which can be unique, if you are watching TV from the bed, it usually means a 66-inch TV will probably be excellent for you. Accordingly, it would be best if you buy the most massive possible screen TV that fits your finances, and your room should be able to protect the TV at a distance of 5-6 feet from the viewing position.

Refresh Rate

One video is a combo of many images. When you play a movie, several photos show on Your display rapidly in just one second. So refresh speed is the number of times A picture has been revived in one moment on your TV display. It's measured in Frequency, which is denoted by the symbol Hz. TV price in BD has two Kinds of refresh Rate- 1.60Hz 2.120Hz now, which is better? 120Hz because it will redraw the picture twice compared to the 60Hz display. Also, it reduces the Motion blur effect within a video.

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