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The 7 Effective Tips to Burn off the Belly Bulge

In London, a large number of people undergo belly fat removal surgery (liposuction) every year. People do so to get a toned belly quickly and easily. But unfortunately, they ignore the side-effects of the treatment.

Yes, it’s true.

Not instantly, but in the long-run, liposuction or belly fat removal surgery creates a lot of problems in the human body. The situation turns worse if the surgery does not go as planned in the first attempt. The body has to suffer the pain and impact of the procedure now and forever.

As the procedure is not applicable for all, you should try reducing your belly fat naturally. Though it will take, you will not at any risk. Also, the impact of the natural reduction will stay forever.

In this post, we have discussed the 7 effective tips to reduce belly fat naturally.

You should burn calories more than you consume

 The best way to burn more calories is to get moving and fast.

You should perform 45-minutes of reasonable intense activity 4 days a week.  The workout session should include cardio, strength, and mobility exercises.  During the session, you should be careful of long cardio activity because too much can break down muscle tissue, especially if you are a beginner.

There are a lot of things to consider during a 45 minutes workout session, in which one mistake can spoil everything for you. So instead of planning the schedule and performing the exercises without the right knowledge, you should hire a personal trainer in London for complete guidance.

You shouldn’t consume sugar in any form

According to scientific research, there is a strong link between insulin resistance and belly fat. Insulin resistance is caused by uncontrolled blood sugar. And you can control blood sugar to an extent by reducing your belly fat.

If the fruit or any other items naturally have sugar, you shouldn’t sprinkle more over them. For fruit juice, you should choose the natural option rather than packaged fruit juices. Lastly, you should go for more natural alternatives like organic honey.

You shouldn’t drink alcohol

We know alcohol is fun and an important beverage at a party but not when you are trying to reduce belly fat. According to experts, alcohol has an appetite-stimulating effect which leads to over-eating. So instead of reducing your consumption, you will increase it significantly by consuming alcohol.

If you wish to drink an adult beverage, you should try to leave out as many of the mixers as possible because they are just sugar-laden and increase the calorie content.

You shouldn’t eat when stressed or eat without stress

Cortisol, also known as stress hormone is produced when you are stressed. Due to excessive cortisol production, the appetite increases and stores more body fat. Also, stress causes overeating.

If you are concerned about your belly fat, you shouldn’t let other stressors get you down. And if the stressors start affecting your effort, you should learn breathing techniques, exercise more, and try out laughing therapy.  Before every meal, we recommend you take a deep breath and relax.

You should enough sleep

Who doesn’t sleeping? It’s the best time of the day because you feel relaxed and remove the tiredness of the entire day. But surprisingly, getting enough sleep also helps in reducing belly fat. At rest, your body regulates hormones and rebuilds and regenerates cells, which help you during the workout session.

Even a personal trainer advises to get enough sleep and skip the workout if the body is not relaxed properly. So you should sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours per night. If you do not complete these recommended hours, your body will experience an excessive increase in cortisol levels.

You should eat more protein

In your meal, you should decrease the portion of the carbohydrate and increase the portion of the protein. It’s because protein level offs blood sugar by slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates.  Also, it plays a major role in reducing belly fat.

You should include lean proteins in your diet like chicken, turkey, eggs, and some fish. If you are a vegetarian, eat cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, bean, and nuts for protein.

You should improve the quality of your calories

Eating less is not the solution for reducing belly fat. If you start eating something that you are intolerant to, your body will get inflamed and retain water from them. So you shouldn’t sacrifice the food items; instead, you should eat them in the natural state to minimize the risk.

Getting calorie in the body isn’t bad if it’s of good quality. The good quality calorie will neither increase your belly fat nor impact the other body parts. So eat well after keeping healthy components intact.

So what do you think? Will it be easy for you to implement these tips in your daily routine?

If you are still unsure, we recommend working with a personal trainer in London. He will guide you through the right way and keep motivating you at every step.

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