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The Advantages of Using Tablet For Blogging

Mobility has always been a blogger’s friend. If you survey 100 bloggers, a good 75 will probably say they blog primarily from their laptops. This makes perfect sense. Desktops tie us to one place. Laptops allow us to explore different environments. They let us write wherever the inspiration hits. Well, that is, if we have the proper amenities.


Blogging from tablet The Advantages of Blogging from a tablet 

Come to think of it, a laptop isn’t quite the ideal portable device. Even smaller laptops are still relatively bulky. They require chargers, which themselves can be bulky. And they don’t last long on a single charge. Thankfully, we have an alternative. Blogging from a tablet might seem odd at first, but it’s easy to make the transition.

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Ultimate portability

Bloggers can benefit from a tablet’s simple design. It is nothing but a flat panel, meaning it’s more portable than the hinged laptop. It can fit in any bag. Some 7-inch tablets can even fit into back pockets of jeans. The simple, one-plane design of a tablet means bloggers can take them anywhere. They can also use them on any surface, or no surface at all.

With a laptop you need a bag big enough to fit a 13- or 15-inch device. The laptop needs padding, too, since it is fragile. Both the screen and the hard drive are delicate components that can break if jostled too much. There’s also the matter of the charger, which also needs storing. All in all, it takes a decent-sized bag to tote around a laptop.

Tablet cases, on the other hand, are often minimal in design. They simply cover the tablet. Even a 10-inch tablet with a heavy duty case isn’t nearly as large as a 13-inch laptop. It’s also significantly thinner. A tablet’s screen is more durable than a laptop’s, and tablets do not have moving parts in their hard drives. All in all, a tablet is a safer, easier to transport option.

Energy efficiency

Anyone who has blogged from a laptop knows that a charger is essential. Laptop batteries last four hours at most, and that’s for a brand new battery. After dozens of charging cycles, that battery life can diminish greatly, giving you only a couple of hours before needing a charge. If you can’t find a charging outlet, you might be out of luck.

Tablets have much better energy efficiency than laptops. While the batteries are considerably smaller, they don’t need to power as many components. Laptop processors are less powerful powerful , and so use less battery. Another factor is the software running. Laptops have software meant for big desktop PCs, which require plenty of energy. Tablet apps are built specifically with the tablet in mind, and are better geared towards the tablet experience. That means less battery usage.

Another advantage: tablets don’t use much energy when not used. Take a fully charged tablet and a fully charged laptop and leave them unplugged for a few hours. The tablet will have used maybe one percent of its battery in that span. A laptop will have used much, much more. Traveling with a tablet, then, is much better than traveling with a laptop.

Making the switch

Switching from laptop to tablet can be a strange feeling, even if the tablet is a better device in the long run. Here are some issues you can run into.


 Some people do not like the virtual keyboard of tablets and other touchscreen devices. It is mostly a matter of emotion. When we type on our regular keyboard we get tactile feedback. Just hitting a piece of glass on a touchscreen keyboard. Typing on the touchscreen becomes easier over time, but if you need a physical keyboard, there are many smaller Bluetooth keyboards that do the job well.


The good thing about using a laptop is that the software is also compatible with the desktop. Tablets, however, use different operating systems. This means that you can buy various software on your laptop. Thankfully, tablet software is relatively inexpensive. In an office suite, it may cost you $ 400 on a laptop, but on a tablet it costs less than a tenth. Loading your tablet with the best software is relatively cheap.

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Blogging tool.

 All major tablet platforms have WordPress apps. Many have apps for other blogging platforms. They are not necessary. Tablet browsers are as efficient as PC browsers, allowing you to login WordPress on a laptop. Other blogging tools, such as an image editor and word processor, are also available for tablets. Probably nothing really loses in infection.

Blogging from a laptop is good. It has been recognized for years and years, so it has become familiar. But blogging from a tablet can change everything. Speaking of an ultra portable, simple and efficient device that can meet all our blogging needs. It's difficult to change on an unfamiliar platform, but with a tablet, it may just be worth it.

If you blog from your tablet, please share your experience here. I started blogging with my iPad last year, and barely used my laptop since then.

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