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The Complete Guide That Makes Sales Funnel Automation Simple

Knowing what to do after a sale. You’ve got one customer, and they’re happy with your product. What do you do now? How can you ensure that this new customer will not only come back for more but also tell their friends about how great you are too?

What aspect of running a business often gets overlooked?
Knowing what to do after a sale.

You’ve got one customer, and they’re happy with your product. What do you do now? How can you ensure that this new customer will not only come back for more but also tell their friends about how great you are too? The answer is to start a sales funnel automation to maximize profits and grow your business exponentially!

Read on below to learn how the right automation strategy and killer content equals success.

Use an Autoresponder Sequence

First, we suggest you create an autoresponder sequence that asks for the email address of all your leads. This is useful as you will be able to maintain a list of all contacts with their contact details and stay in touch with them. What is an autoresponder, exactly?

An auto-responder is a piece of software that automatically sends out emails to your contacts on a certain schedule. You can use an autoresponder and connect it to your lists on sites like Aweber, GetResponse, or Mail Chimp. Once you get their email addresses, make sure that each of these contacts is in your database.

The best thing about using an autoresponder sequence is the time it frees up. Finally, you'll be able to market the products customers are looking for, without doing everything manually. Once this system is set up properly, you will see how effective it is for sales funnel automation.

Use Preferred Marketing Platforms

Are you using multiple marketing platforms? If not, you should be! Using a combination of popular platforms to drive traffic is excellent for connecting with new customers. You should include several platforms, like social media and discussion forums. To take things up a notch, you can even automate instagram marketing for your business.

Twitter is one of the most commonly used tools for B2B lead generation campaigns. It helps build brand awareness. Twitter even connects with journalists. Journalists who write news articles about startups and small businesses.

Twitter can also help generate leads by sharing links to content created on other sites such as blogs or webinars. The more people visit your platforms, the better you'll do. We also suggest connecting your autoresponder to each platform. After all, the more you can automate things, the faster your sales can grow.

Use Ebooks to Build Trust

Moving on, let's talk Ebooks. Ebooks are one of the best and fastest ways out there to promote your business. On top of being inexpensive to make, they also have another advantage. They can deliver more value while containing less information. To make sure that your Ebook will be successful, you need to create it based on what people want.

For instance, think about the product or service your company's offering. What would be the main reason why people wouldn't trust you? Our advice is to create an Ebook that builds more trust by solving the most common problems about your service or product.

Let’s say you’re offering a social media marketing solution. You could make an Ebook about how to increase downloads or conversion rates. Besides being able to promote your content through Ebooks, it is also possible to use them as lead magnets.

Lead magnets encourage visitors into giving out their contact information in exchange for receiving this valuable freebie. This kind of strategy would certainly work well with bloggers who mostly have their mailing lists. Make things personal by sending a thank you to anyone who buys the Ebook. Let them know you’d love to hear from them in the future!

Autoresponder Ebooks

Another way of using Ebooks is by giving out free copies with an autoresponder sequence. By doing this, you will be able to easily contact people who downloaded your Ebook from different places over time. This is especially useful if you want them to purchase your products or services.

You’ll be able to prevent any delays in communication between you and your visitors. At the same time, sending autoresponders can help build trust in your business. Customers will see how eager and willing you are in keeping in touch with them after providing such great value.

If done right, your Ebook doesn't have to just be filled with content. You can also include a call to action (CTA) at the end. A CTA is simply something that would encourage people to take specific actions. Actions like clicking on a link, using a special code, filling out your contact form, and so forth.

Optimize Website With Killer Content

Next, another way to make sales automation easier is by optimizing your website and blog posts. How can you be sure your blogs will consistently help sales? By making sure they contain certain elements such as keywords. You can learn more about using keywords for marketing here.

If you're not familiar with how to optimize your blogs, just keep in mind that your content should primarily be targeted at your company's audience. Write about what they would like to read and what kinds of questions they might have regarding the services or products offered by your business.

Additionally, it is also important for all the articles you post online to have a consistent flow. It must start from the top of the page and then move down to its footer. There must be a proper organization in a place from beginning to end. This is an effective way of keeping visitors engaged in reading more within each article. You’ll also be helping them find other sections when browsing through your website.

Smart Marketing Tips

Other things you can include in your blog posts are resource boxes, links, quotes, and images. You may also want to make use of subheadings – the more there are, the better! By doing these things, you'll be able to attract more visitors who will come back for more.

Another aspect to consider is using calls-to-action on some or all of your articles. These CTAs should direct your readers towards a specific place. For example, you could send them to an opt-in page. Once there they could request special offers and other relevant information related to your products.

Pop-up Sales Funnel Marketing Automation

Moving on, you might want to consider using pop-ups for marketing automation as well. A lot of today's eCommerce websites are now using this type of sales funnel as they believe that it can help them in their marketing campaign. In a nutshell, pop-ups are links that appear on your web pages.

When a visitor clicks on them, they will be directed to different sections of your site. This ensures that visitors are getting a quality online experience when they're looking into your company. However, keep in mind that you should use pop-ups only for the business websites that you own. Otherwise, they will be considered junk mail and would also result in a negative visitor experience. As you automate things, learn what a spam bot is, and avoid being one.

Automated Webinar Funnel

Next, you might also want to consider creating automated webinar sales automation. In doing so, you can get yourself more leads and sales. To put it simply, webinars are presentations that you can watch online. Because of this reason, people often use webinars to make money from others. The webinar can encourage potential customers to buy in, without directly selling to them.

How does automated webinar funnel work? You set up your webinars using platforms such as Go To Webinar or even Zoom. These programs will then allow you to manage your audience members' questions through chat boxes present on the screen itself.

In addition to that, these programs will also allow you to display a sales page as well so people can sign up for your products or services. Furthermore, an automated webinar funnel allows you to record the live sessions and later on turn them into videos that other people could watch online.

Structure the webinar so that it’s welcoming and easy to follow. You should consistently offer webinars. As customers see the upcoming stream, they’ll instantly remember who your company is. As long as the webinar is offering valuable information, people will show up.

Customer Reviews Sales Automation

As for customer reviews, these could also be used as an opportunity for sales automation. You can create separate emails based on the ratings or comments left by your customers about your business.

For example, if someone left a 3-star rating then perhaps there was something wrong with his order which should be addressed. Similarly, if the rating were a 5-star one then perhaps you'll send your customer something special as a token of appreciation. Use the reviews as a chance to keep happy customers, and win back unhappy ones.

Embrace Sales Funnel Automation

After reading this article, What are your thoughts or experiences with sales funnel automation? If it all seems a bit too much, take things 1 step at a time. By using the various tools in this article, you can get started right away. We suggest you start by assessing your current platform strategy.

Is your company taking advantage of multiple platforms, such as Twitter and discussion forums? Make a list of the platforms you’re currently engaging in, and decide where to join next! For more tips, read another article.


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