The continuous manufacturing market is projected to grow at an annualized rate of over 15%

Roots Analysis has done a detailed study on Continuous Manufacturing Market (Small Molecules and Biologics), 2020 – 2030. covering key aspects of the industry and identifying future growth opportunities.

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Key Market Insights

  • Eminent representatives from prominent contract service provider companies / organizations are both optimistic and cautious regarding the rising interest in continuous flow technologies, and its adoption
  • Over 60 companies across the globe claim to manufacture drug products / drug substances using the continuous manufacturing technique, either for in-house requirements or for contract service engagements
  • The market landscape features the presence of several well-established players, most of which claim to manufacture small molecules via the continuous technique, and are based in the developed geographies
  • Companies have established continuous drug manufacturing facilities for diverse types of dosage forms in various geographies; Europe and North America have emerged as the key hubs for these facilities
  • Several patents have been filed / granted specifically related to continuous manufacturing of pharmaceutical substances, both industry and non-industry players are actively involved in such efforts
  • Organizations have also extended financial support to aid the research efforts being put by various stakeholders in this domain; the current focus is on investigation of continuous manufacturing technologies
  • Over time, there has been a lot of activity in this arena, including the establishment of several partnerships and investments in capability and capacity expansions and new facilities worldwide
  • Most of the continuous manufacturing capacity belongs to established companies (in-house manufacturers and CMOs), accounting for over 70% of the available capacity across various geographies
  • Involvement of various other stakeholders including continuous equipment providers and modular facility providers is likely to revolutionize the overall manufacturing domain
  • As the adoption of continuous manufacturing technologies increases, the market is likely to witness significant growth; in the short term, majority of service-based revenues is likely to come from drug product related projects


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