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A Beyblade top must also be able to perform a Spin Attack. When a top performs this move, it instantly teleports back to the middle of the arena where it was started.

When most people think of Beyblades, they either picture a group of young people who practice magic and martial arts or they imagine a group of children climbing their giant spinning tops. While the latter images may be more accurate, the strongest Beyblade tops can actually be found in the pages of an award-winning Japanese manga. The manga is called Belly-Up. In the manga, the strongest Beyblade is named Kintaro Hattori.

Two of the most powerful Beyblades have been featured on the cover of the most recent Belly-Up volume. At first glance, it would be easy to assume that the two Beyblades are the same. After all, the Beyblade tops that were featured on the covers of the first volume were named Number One and Number Two. However, in order for a top to be considered as one of the strongest Beyblades, it must be able to do something that only a single Beyblade top could do. Kintaro Hattori was able to defeat his own Top Partner, Gingka, in a legendary battle that required the combined forces of every single member of Team Galactic.

In order to qualify as the strongest Beyblade in the worldccMany Beyblades attempt to perform this move, but none are capable of performing it in real life. It is believed that this is because no one has ever successfully teleported back from the middle of a battle. However, the strongest Beyblade has mastered the art of teleporting, which allows them to battle anyone in the world.

The strongest Beyblade is Tetsubin Okumura, who is known for his expertise in Teleporting. Tetsubin is so skilled at this technique that he is capable of moving at great speeds while doing other tasks simultaneously. Some have even described him as being like a "spinning top". Others have compared him to the original series players, having the ability to change colors at will. Some also believe that he may be the only person on the planet who can use both the spinning top and teleporting at the same time.

The strongest Beyblade is the first to battle in the anime series. This is Tetsubin Okumura, who is known for his powerful Teleportation. In an episode, his rival arrives on the scene just as he has done countless times before, announcing that he will battle the strongest Beyblade of the world. In a last-ditch effort, Tetsubin finally teleports himself and his opponent back to the original place where they began their battle. This marks the first and last battle that Tetsubin will have with the original series' version of Okumura.

After the first battle, Tetsubin returns home only to find that someone has been tampering with his memories. He assumes that it was his father who did it since his father was the first to use the Beyblades and defeat his nemesis, but soon learns that his family was slaughtered. Deceived and shaken, Tetsubin decides to forget what happened until he has had some time to rest. As he sleeps, he discovers that something terrible has happened to the world and teleports himself away once again. He then takes a look at his crystal ball, seeing the flashes of light caused by the destruction caused by the mysterious assailant.

After much time passes, Tetsubin eventually comes across a mysterious boy named Gingka, whom he nicknames "Gingka" due to his unusual fighting techniques. The two become friends and, with the help of Gingka's Power Sword, the two form the strongest Beyblade team in the world. Gingka becomes the Nergal, which is actually the first of the legendary bladers to appear. It is later revealed that Nergal corrupted everyone in his tribe, forcing Gingka to hunt down and kill him so that he can free the other Beyblades and return to the world where he is meant for greater power. With the help of Gingka and Nergal, the evil Nergal is finally destroyed and everyone lives in peace once again.

In the four seasons of the show, Gingka's become the strongest Beyblade master. His rival is Tomoya Reis, who also has the ability to form the strongest Beyblade team in the world. The thing that makes this series different from others is that each of the four seasons is different. The first season is called the Beginner's Class, where the strongest Beyblade teams battle to find out who is the strongest. The second season consists of the battles between the strongest Beyblades in the series' history, the third place is taken by Gingka who is also known as the Silver Reaper, and lastly, the fourth season is where the battle continues and everyone discovers who is truly the strongest.