The Hopewell Theater is Offering Amazing Digital Content for You to Enjoy During Lockdown!

If you're bored of sitting home during this coronavirus lockdown, there are a few good movies and documentaries that you can watch from the comfort of your home. Check them out.

Are you wondering what to watch next during this self-isolation period? Well, you need not worry as the Hopewell Theater has come up with an exciting range of shows and movies for you to keep yourself entertained during these testing times. 

With most of the world hit due to Coronavirus, most people are staying indoors. People who are working from home do have something to kill the time with but those who do not have much work, the only solace for them is that they now have plenty of time to watch their favorite TV shows, documentaries, and movies. Keeping this in mind, the Hopewell Theater has now released its content in the digital medium for you to enjoy it at your home. Here are the three amazing and highly entertaining shows to help you get through these days with some ease. 

Fantastic Fungi

Interested in how amazing nature around us really is? Here is a documentary about Fungi that has taken the world by a storm thanks to its stunning visuals and informative voiceovers of scientists, botanists, mycologists and so on. This is the incredible story of how fungi have played a crucial role in shaping up with the current world by surviving over 3.5billions years on this planet. As it’s filled with amazing timelapse videos throughout, you are in for a visual treat with this documentary. Get to know about the medicinal properties of the amazing organism and how the right species can heal you while the wrong one can kill you. You can download and purchase the film now through an online payment. 

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band

Here is a sneak peek into the lives of the members of the legendary band called “The Band”, which a focus on Robbie Robertson in particular, the guitarist of the band. The simple yet powerful name in itself was enough to make them popular among their audience and to see the untold story about them is surely something that would keep you interested. Footage of behind-the-scenes moments, photographs, interview snippets, deleted video cuts and insights of several popular personalities of that time are some of the things that you get to explore through this documentary. As it’s co-produced by one of the most revolutionary film-makers, Martin Scorsese, you should get an idea about the quality of this project. You can rent this amazing documentary for 72hrs at just $12, a part of which will go to the Hopewell Theater. Here, are you not just renting a classic documentary but also helping the community theatre hall by doing so. 

The Whistlers

Interested in crime drama and an investigative thriller? The Whistlers is a perfect movie for you then. Here is a thriller that comes with a twist where whistling becomes a code language and a police inspector has to get through his high-stakes investigation alive. The stylish neo-noir crime thriller is one of the best movies of this genre in recent times. This Romanian flick has been so well-received worldwide that it has become an instant hit amongst movie-lovers - so much so that critics compared the movie to being a product of the legendary director duo of Coen Brothers. The director Corneliu Porumboiu has to be given the credit for the high-quality treatment of the movie. You can now watch this movie online at the comfort of your home with your family members by renting it for a few days.  

With these worth-watching amazing options available at your disposal, you now have some great content to watch by renting any of these content pieces at a much affordable price. 

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