The Luxury Penthouse Dubai Project by Innovate Living

Do you want to know about the Luxury Penthouse Dubai Project by Innovate Living? Here it is.

GSRR INDEX stressed that Dubai has recently experienced a strong appetite for investors and end-users for projects outside the luxury plan and this trend is expected to continue in the coming months. Among the factors that ignite the interest of buyers are the flexible payment plan, quality options and return on investment. Explore the following luxury projects and discover a new property to include in your portfolio. 

Dubai-based boutique developer, Innovate Living, launched its new flagship project, Palme Couture Residences, situated on the trunk of Palm Jumeirah. 

The modified development will feature a collection of 14 exclusive suites including three-bedroom lateral apartments, four-bedroom townhouses, and five-bedroom duplexes, all the way up to the Royal Penthouse of seven-bedroom, complete with separate guesthouse and terrace. 

All units include open-air spaces, an exquisite mix of marble finishes, breath-taking views, direct beach access, walk-in master closets and private underground parking. 

Imagine the best beach in Dubai, a luxury coastal area, a life of luxury and an all-in-one urban lifestyle: this is Palme Couture Residences. Located in front of the beach in a distinguished direction of the city, Palme Couture Residences is a super luxury first line building in Dubai. It features elegant contemporary architecture, semi-private or private elevator lobby for residents, ocean views from all rooms, a generously sized terrace area with ocean views, and panoramic views of the iconic Palm Jumeirah, the island of Bluewater’s, and the Dubai Eye. 

Palme Couture Residences is the building that people of high heritage can call their home. It is for connoisseurs of like-minded, international taste and quality ideas. 

Reviewed and supervised by the world-renowned Innovate Living team and located on the trunk of Palm Jumeirah - is Palme Couture Residences in Palm Jumeirah is an ultra-luxury project that will set new standards in the luxury living sector of Dubai. It consists of 14 suites located in low rise building- each with its dedicated hallways and private elevators. A selection of beautiful three, four- and five-bedroom luxury homes are available, and sizes of 17,909 sq ft. It is a spacious accommodation with stunning views, from floor to ceiling, fully panoramic to the sea and horizon, large balconies and gardens, and a select group with its pool. The living environments feature enviable arrangements of light and space, high-end Italian production and a unique mix of exquisite marbles. 

With Palme Couture Residences, the object of Innovate Living, the leading Real estate developer in Dubai, was to bring an unseen luxurious living concept in Dubai for those who value perfection. The construction of each luxury penthouse includes high-end Italian brands, enviable arrangements of light, beachfront views and a unique mix of delicate marbles form the project canvas. All elements have been carefully selected to not only create a breath-taking physical space but to leave a lasting impression.  

Every luxury penthouse finishing has been carefully curated using stylish Italian feature productions and facilities including sauna, steam room, cigar lounge, salt-water swimming pool, and outdoor cabanas. The project has been specially designed to serve a wide range of cultures in the 14 luxury penthouses, so that the owners can take advantage of the world-class interior designer associated with the project, to customize their apartments to their sense of individual style. 

When choosing a type of home for rent or purchase, it is convenient to know the options that the market gives us and thus be able to obtain the most appropriate according to our needs. The attic, with its peculiarities, is a very fashionable housing option and the truth is that it has many advantages, for example, they usually have an important exterior space that is always appreciated if you live within urban centers. If you decide to live an attic, your decoration options are very large and you should get the most out of it.

The penthouses are related to an exclusive type of housing, being at the highest point of a building. Perhaps that is why it has become very fashionable, but we would point out as one of its greatest advantages being able to have a great luminosity , which is usually more difficult to achieve on lower floors. Natural light in a house is undoubtedly an option to take into account. Who does not like your house to be bright, increasing general well-being and making spaces seem prettier? This will allow you a versatility when decorating, being able to take full advantage of the places where the sun goes down to install chairs, spaces for reading, even being able to cook and do other tasks under natural light.

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