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The Most Creative Cake and Bakery Boxes’ Designing

I often believe myself to be the modern-day reincarnation of the last French queen, Marie Antoinette, the way I adore gaily colored macarons! Macarons, cupcakes and lots of lovely cakes! Especially, the vintage wedding cakes! Ever since my childhood, I had always been the die-hard sweet-toothed child of the family and due to being fanatical about the delicious cakes, pastries, pies, sweetmeats and other confectionaries, especially the wedding confectionaries, I had always dreamt to become a baker someday

A Hungarian traditionalist by birth, I loved everything about the historic magnificence of Europe. Under the Lavender sky, I spent the lonesome wintry mornings, I would walk by the dainty tea houses and the pretty delicatessens in the ramshackle alleys of London, yearning to own such fairy baking corners all by myself, one day. I always craved to have a tiny patisserie by the name, The Vanilla Courtyard by Gertrude Walter, etched in big, aureate letterings.  I loved everything about the fascinatingly baked substances; the kneaded aroma of the Danish butter cookies, the delectable French croissants, the charming pastries and the lip-smacking pies and nothing seemed better than gorging on a bagful of the nutty pecan biscuits. I would read the recipes allowed, whilst I made the baking measurements, pronouncing every word soft and mellow, like dipped in the syrupy charisma of  treacle, old roses and honey, dressed like a blooming cupcake in a checkered, old apron that lay like a pastel hew in our dilapidated garret.

Then, on a warm rosy June day, the sweet dreams churned into an opening reality, as dad came home, looking ecstatic and jovial, carrying a big, brown envelope and handed it to me with a generous, hearty chuckle, asking me to open it eagerly. I eyed him dreamily, looking all unruffled, and tore it open nervously, as it made me sure it contains something that would just change my life and there it was, an invitation to join the Le Cordon Bleu, one of the best French bakery schools in the world.



With the mirthful Easter bells chiming idyllically around the corner, I love to explore the most creative ideas to pack my bakery goods in the most quixotic manner, like any celestial confectionary witchcraft would be!  Sitting under the mystic winterberry trees, like to play with the vivacious patterns, the dusty chocolate and cocoa powders, the vibrant colors and the most innovative themes and twirl them around the marvelously made bakery boxes, as I’m a newbie baker. I love to deck my bakery with the best of wedding cakes boxes, too, as artistic relics furrowed with the most cherished memories treasured for years and years.


Let’s explore the best ideas that were scattered immeasurably all over the Google and Pinterest and no doubt, I loved them absolutely! I am sure they would work like a charm for my bakery startup business!

I draped my baking kitchenette with the perfumed holiday ensembles of old Chantilly laces, fragrant wreaths, dreamy china vases filled with sweet-smelling bouquets, floral linens and lots of the nostalgic, old world vintage trinkets from my grandma’s Mulberry trunks.



  1. The Grandest Wedding Cake Box for a Vintage Wedding


I loved to find this dainty cake box and due to its extremely quaint designing, it can serve as the best favor cake box for an elegant vintage wedding in the dreamy Beverley Hills or any idyllic dream corner of the world.

  1. Pack Them the Laduree Style!


The antiquated emerald boxes sold by the ever so famous Laduree Bakery just stole my heartbeat and I loved them as an inspiration for the Easter celebrations, weddings, birthday bashes and bridal showers. Tied with a beautiful golden bow, they look simply out of the world!

  1. The Powdery Pink Cake Box

Do you like the pale pink boxes that look like bundles of roses? I loved them for their beautiful pink shades, like tea roses.

  1. The Prettiest Floral Sweet Boxes


I loved this pretty floral box to pack my pastries and macarons in the loveliest manner. They can especially look awesome on a dreamy baby shower or a wedding bash, inspired by the Alice in the Wonderland.

  1. Le Marquis de Laduree


This packaging by Les Marquis de Laduree is another box of chocolates that looks ubiquitously marvelous! Entwined in chaste white tones clustered with golden flower vines, this is absolutely delightful for a christening party or an elegant bridal shower.

  1. The Cupid Like Box


This Cupid themed macarons box by Laduree is another vintage inspired macaron box that gives those faraway, magical story vibes. I loved how exquisitely the flying Cupid was embossed on to the fair- like confectionary box.

  1. The Macaron Boxes for the Little Mademoiselles

Want to throw a tiny party for your little Mademoiselles? Well, to create the finest birthday bash boxes, create this vibrant party bakery, imprinted with the figurines of tiny party dolls for the merry party bashes.

  1. The Majestic Black Box by Laduree


Do you like to throw a shadowy themed birthday bash for your eerie Halloween party? If that’s the case, then go for these mysteriously shaded cake boxes, shrouded in the clandestine hollowness, like the bundles of soot crumpled with golden engravings, right from the enchanted pantry of a malevolent wizard!

  1. The Pink and Black Polka Dot Boxes


The polka dotted inspired themes for the cupcake box packaging sends all those flirty hints for a regal bridal shower, isn’t it?

  1. The Little Flower Shop Cakes



If you love gardening, flowers and the florid patterns, then this cupcake packaging with tiny window panes would work like a charm for you!

Get your muffin and cupcake boxes printed this way and gift it to someone special!

Hope you liked the blog and soon, you would try these confectionary packaging themes one by one for your bakery startup, too!

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