The Perfect Outsourcing Opportunity for Seamless DME, HME Billing

Sunknowledge Services Inc, a 360-degree medical billing and collection destination, you have the perfect DME, HME billing solution as it ensures:

Technological advancement in the medical industry, along with the lowered reimbursements, changing government law along with the competitive bidding program, a DME, HME billing services providers are faced with many challenges in their life.

This is why providing excellent patient care along with being up to date with all HME, DME billing regulation; solving all the DME, HME billing challenges nearly becomes difficult for healthcare providers to keep track of. This is why healthcare provider often opts for hiring outsourcing services expert rather than spending money in in-house billers for their DME, HME billing services requirements. 

Why Should You Choose to Outsource Your DME, HME Billing Services?

It is no secret that the in-house billing process has always been a hectic and expensive affair as compared to outsourcing. A provider has to go through the trouble of examining, interviewing, and select an experienced specialty biller and still need to monitor and guide the process executed by them. Watching on compliance, providers also need to support other employee perks, too, along with basic employment requirements when required. In fact, despite spending a considerable amount of time in guaranteeing the biller's productivity matches with the industry expectation to fulfill the benchmark, an in-house biller really finds it challenging, operating the whole medical billing process specially DME, HME billing. Hence, this is causing more complications for the providers in handling patient's care.

This is Why Outsourcing has Always Been The Best Option as it Helps in:

Improving your complex DME, HME coding accuracy- as outsourcing company has its own specialized coders and biller experts, training and special sessions are always conducted to update them with new medical billing rules and regulations regularly. This reduces the chances for denial and rejection in the DME, HME billing process and hence, results with a faster reimbursement process.

Evaluating as well as reducing excessive accounts receivable- in a study, it is seen that 15 percent of claims are never paid due to billing errors, and up to 50 percent of re-submitted claims are even been never paid. Here outsourcing has been beneficial because it not only reduces your account receivable days but takes extra initiatives in maintaining the accuracy level.

Analyzing all the denied claims for better revenue generation- according to a study by the Government Accountability Office, up to one in four claims are denied. Though one of the most significant issues that negatively affect the medical billing revenue generation is denied claims, an in-house biller due to its ample amount of work often left with no time to analyze. By analyzing your rejects and denials, you can easily identify the patterns which can be corrected, resulting in revenue generation.  

Whereas in case of outsourcing your DME, HME billing services, you not only get customized reporting and complete study but a comprehensive analysis of the denial claims.

Ensure faster and valid authorization and verification- with a pool of experts and resources work in comparison to the in-house medical billing process, has a quite faster approach. 

Sunknowledge Services: the best outsourcing solution for seamless DME, HME billing opportunities:

However, with Sunknowledge Services Inc, a 360-degree medical billing and collection destination, you have the perfect DME, HME billing solution as it ensures:

  • 99.9% accuracy rate in the medical billing and coding process
  • Proficiency in different billing software like Brightree, CPR +HME, Kareo, Team DME and many more
  • 30% shrink in your account receivable bucket from the 1st month itself
  • Exceptional highest productivity metric at a low cost with no extra hidden charges
  • No-cost dedicated account manager and billing team with complete billing assistance
  • $1 million Hiscox/Geico Insurance coverage for any errors of Omission & commission
  • We bear all costs of transition during your migration from the old vendor

So leverage Sunknowledge services for a better DME, HME billing management. We are just a call away!

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