THE UGLY SIDES OF BEAUTY: 7 Unpleasant Things About Eyelash Extensions that Might Disappoint You

Eyelash extensions can be beautiful but at the same time, costly in many ways. You may become disappointed and regretful about them, so be sure that your mind is made up before you get them for yourself.

In the recent years, more and more people, especially women, have seen how eyelash extensions are actually beneficial and even better than false eyelashes or falsies. Truly, eyelash extensions give you the boons that falsies cannot fully provide. With them, you do not have to spend a lot of time everyday just to attach and beautify your false eyelashes. You can just get yourself ready and go out anytime you need to!

When you’re getting eyelash extensions, you should not just think about how good they will look on you. You should not just consider how stylish they can be. If you just look at the “fashion” or “accessory” side of these extensions, you might overlook that they can also be regretful at times.

That’s because just like anything else, eyelash extensions have unpleasant sides that might disappoint you. Here are 7 of the bad sides that the beauty of eyelash extensions has:


Experts say that eyelash extensions do not really ruin real lashes, and that is if they are applied properly and professionally. They are safe and non-damaging to your natural lashes only if the process by which they have been attached to your eyes is done in the right and preferably, the best way.   

This means that you also have to be very careful of what you do to your face that might affect your eyes and the areas around them. You have to be extra cautious about your actions to be sure not to destruct your extensions. Scratching and rubbing your eyes can cause you to pull them out.

This could be unpleasant for you because it means you have to be more aware and attentive of what you do, even the little things. The tendency to actually move in ways that can damage lash extensions is high, most especially because you often put your hands on your face. You can experience lash loss, fallout and damage if eyelash extensions are applied wrongly and are taken care of inefficiently.

The health of your natural lashes can be affected based on how your extensions are put on you and on how you treat them! Keep in mind that what you do to your extensions is basically what you do to your natural lashes as well.


There are various types of eyelash extensions, and for all kinds, a lash glue is used. While some people do not find any problem with any lash glue types, some experience allergic reactions due what’s used for their extensions application. The culprit for these is the formaldehyde that some lash glue products contain.

Even for other lash glue brands that do not have formaldehyde, your skin can react negatively if what’s used on you does not suit your skin. Inappropriate lash glue ingredients can lead to many issues such as eyelid lips or eyelid dermatitis. These conditions can lead to redness and itchiness.

Because of unsuitable lash glue, you may experience irritations and even infections on and around your eye areas. This is the reason why checking out and consulting your dermatologist first or an expert lash technician regarding your skin and the right lash glue for it.

Before you get eyelash extensions, your dermatologist will work with your lash technician to determine the type of lash glue that will fit you. If you know that you have sensitivities and other skin matters that need essential attention, tell them so they can recommend and use what’s safe for you.


Eyelash extensions are made so you can have longer, thicker and even more appealing lashes. One of their advantages also is that they give you lesser reasons to wear heavy makeup. Especially if you choose a huge volume of extensions, you don’t need to put a lot of makeup anymore. This can be con if you love makeup.

Waterproof mascara in particular is not recommended if you still choose to use mascara on eyelash extensions despite it being not suitable. Mascara and eyeliner are actually no longer needed. In fact, if you apply them to your eyes with eyelash extensions, you can have a hard time removing them since you have to be very gentle and meticulous about your extensions’ safety. You cannot exert too much force while cleaning, washing and rubbing because you might pull them out with your real lashes.

Aside from that, probably another setback related to makeup restrictions is the limited makeup choices you are left with. Dark makeup might not be best if you have thick eyelash extensions. You should be even more selective about the colors and the styles you will pick because since you have eyelash extensions, things will be different.

You have to immensely consider your extensions’ look while you choose makeup colors because if not, they might not suit you as how they do when you’re not wearing those extensions.


Not only choices when you’re awake turn out limited when you have eyelash extensions, but also those you have when you’re about to sleep or already asleep. You have to be mindful of your lying position before you fall asleep because your eyelash extensions can get ruined while you’re sweetly dreaming already!

You should sleep on your back so your lashes will not get in contact with pillows, stuffed toys, thick blankets and other items on your bed. Before you sleep, place your pillows in safe areas and positions. If you are the type of person who twists and turns and sleeps with face on the pillow, your lashes can get tangled and can be more vulnerable to falling off faster.

While it’s mostly unavoidable since you’re unconscious, you also should be able to lessen your rough and restless movements while you sleep at night. All of these mean you have to adjust even your sleeping styles and positions just to protect your dearest eyelash extensions from getting destroyed. There’s a need to put an effort to your lifestyle so you can sleep without moving too much.


If you think eyelash extensions will be alright and all done with you once they have been already put on their respectful positions, you are certainly wrong. Yes, you lessen the time you spend daily on falsies and neatening your lashes, but you still have to set your schedules right and visit your lash technician for best maintenance and redoing.

Taking care of your eyelash extensions can be demand too much effort and time. There are many things and elements you have to be attentive about, so you can make your lash extensions last longer than expected. You have to be informed and alert about proper maintenance, so you can look after your real lashes’ good health.

For a day after the first eyelash application, water contact is not allowed because it will weaken the lash glue which will lead to falling off. Too much heat must also be avoided.

Eyelash extensions also need blow drying for cleaning. You have to buy and use a special cleanser, a special brush and all the other tools important for you to make sure that they still look good on you even after some days. After taking a bath, they can also get disarranged, so again, you have to do some fixing.  Light lash maintenance is suggested to be done every three to four weeks.


Besides the efforts that eyelash extensions ask from you, financial costs also exist. First and foremost, deciding to get such services is already costly since the “professional service” itself is expensive and sought-after.  

Again, the demanding maintenance requires you to pay every time you go back to the salon for redoing or enhancement. Lash extensions fall off at a certain period depending on the natural growth cycle of your natural lashes. Since most lash experts and salons recommend that you go back after three to four weeks, it’s surely costly.

For better aftercare, your lash technician might also suggest tools and products that you can use. Cleaning products and apparatuses are essential. If you want an eyelash extension sleep mask for more convenient and undisturbed sleeping, you can also avail, but because it is created for a special purpose, do not be surprised if it’s a bit pricey.

Also, if there would be any self-induced problem about your lash extensions, you might need to pay for additional fees to solve them, and if there would be any issue about your skin’s reactions, you have to spend money to provide proper medication for yourself.

All these might neither be totally affordable nor very practical for you.


Wearing eyelash extensions also limits you in doing activities which can be very physically-requiring. There are jobs you cannot take because again, you have to make sure that your eyelash extensions are under conditions, elements and environments fitting for them.

Important aspects of your lifestyle can be affected. Regular intense workout doesn’t suit lash extensions because in it, you get exposed to a lot of heat, sweat, and you need frequent showering. You cannot fully enjoy or not at all enjoy swimming and engaging in other water-based sports and activities because too much water involvement will definitely weaken and wear out the glue's attachment and effectivity.

You also shouldn’t expose eyelash extensions to too much heat. What if you are assigned to fieldwork? What if your job requires you to visit various places in the country, thus, requires you to go out there and not stay in the shade of the office? What if you are exposed daily to sun’s heat as you commute from here to there?

Your eyelash extensions might not be very appropriate to your lifestyle. They might be best for some special and specific occasions only, but not best for your line of work, your schedules, your tasks and other chief parts of your life. Having them might ruin your daily routine and the things you’re used to doing. They might limit and even hamper both your personal interests and your necessities.  



Eyelash extensions make your eyes even more captivating and eye-catching. They are used for many purposes, and truly, they are more advantageous than the false ones. They can totally change your look and give you the good results you are actually expecting.

Just do not forget the above-mentioned things because without a doubt, you will experience one or all of them based on the certain conditions and situations that come up if you have eyelash extensions.

Again, eyelash extensions can be beautiful but at the same time, costly in many ways. You may become disappointed and regretful about them, so be sure that your mind is made up before you get them for yourself. From the first to the last and even the ongoing steps of aftercare, everything is crucial and valuable. Expect the unexpected, and be ready for the drawbacks eyelash extensions might give you.


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for BrowCo Eyelash Extensions & Eyebrow Shaping, an Australian company that offers eyelash extensions and eyebrow shaping services. For Nicole, people’s eyes do so much to show a person’s mood and health state. It is essential to maintain their proper health and shine. She writes about taking care of them together with their many parts, as well as the enhancements that people do to them. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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