The villain of all strains and Cannabis enthusiasts relish the dynamic and euphoric cerebral buzz that Hempstar and Harlequin bring



The villain of all strains and Cannabis enthusiasts relish the dynamic and euphoric cerebral buzz that Hempstar and Harlequin bring, as this strain produces outstanding Sativa head high with a slightly relaxed physical effect. Two of the good strain for liquid marijuana drink that mixers mostly used.


Dr. Green formulated Harlequin at the House of David Collective. The Harlequin marijuana strain is a blend of three dominant Sativa strains; Swiss Sativa, Thai Sativa, and Columbia. By this impressive combination, it makes Harlequin a strain with a strong heritage. Its strong medical effects come from its potent parents as well.


Developed by Dutch Passion Seeds, and recently renamed as “Brainstorm,” Hempstar as a tribute to all the hempsters and the international hemp movement. It is a Sativa-dominant strain formulated as a cross between Oasis, Haze, and Sunk, and Northern Lights #5.



This herb is well known for significant analgesic effects without fogging up the mind. A unique Sativa-dominant hybrid, this weed maintains a consistent ratio of 5:2 parts CBD to THC, according to tests from Steep Hill Labs. Its vast applications and affects people in very diverse ways. Many patients are blown away by it—often for its therapeutic benefits. Harlequin, continues to increase in popularity and has emerged as one of the most popular strains.


Harlequin Features and Attributes

  • Type: Sativa

  • Flowering Period: 8-9 week (indoor), Mid October (outdoor)

  • Climate: Warm but not too warm, and humidity around 50%

  • Yield: 25 ounces per square meter (indoor), 21 ounces or more per plant (outdoor)

  • Flavors: Earthy, Woody, Spicy, Herbal

  • THC Levels: 7%-15%

  • Height: Tall

  • Growing Difficulty: Easy


Medical Effects

What sets this cannabis strain exclusively is its CBD content. Typically, it has THC levels of only 4-7% while its CBD levels are an impressive 8-16%. The strains 5:2 CBD to THC ratio may be a big hit and mostly inspired by medical marijuana patients who desire the advantages of CBD with a small quantity of THC. As it appears to have low THC, it makes this weed indispensable and will continue to be a conventional Sativa for recreational and medical users alike.


In combating several medical conditions, including pain, Harlequin is perfect to fit to aid such conditions. It has natural analgesic effects that can prevent ailments like headaches, muscle pains, muscle strains, migraines, and even chronic pain. Moreover, it can be used for stress and depression. With its essential mood-elevating elements will boost your spirits and provide you with a real high. Abolishing bad moods and feel empowered all day when smoked during the day time.


It is also a strain that can reduce inflammation. 


Patients and users who have arthritis can utilize this strain to minimize joint discomfort, which can affect their versatility and overall enjoyment. Apart from experiencing persistent physical fatigue, it is used to deal with mental exhaustion. It can help users to overcome feelings of extreme tiredness and let the user work on tasks throughout the day.


Harlequin Effects

Harlequin is a strain with a potent relaxing strain. It comes with focused, uplifted and energetic impact. Enjoying this strain recreationally and harnessing its therapeutic capabilities also includes understanding its adverse effects as well. 


It can generate dry mouth and dry eyes, typically a widespread side effect of marijuana. This side effect is mostly due to the THC content of the strain. THC can induce high blood flow to the body, including the small blood vessels of the eyes and mouth, causing dryness.


Utilizing Harlequin can also lead to slight anxiety and is more pronounced in people who have never used this strain before. People who are also new to Harlequin can also expect minor headaches and dizziness.


Growing Harlequin Info & Tips

Harlequin plants can be planted in a cheap indoor setup or outdoors, but the thing is, this strain is Sativa dominant so expect larger and taller plants. If you have an enormous indoor growing area then, by all means, cultivate this indoors but if not, the best choice is still outdoor grow. It is a relatively low-maintenance strain which is fantastic for beginners to try growing.


The Hempstar

With an exceptional 25% THC content, the strain is not to be taken lightly by fresh users. This marijuana strain is potent yet subtle enough to allow you to get things done, a solid choice for morning time consumption.


Medical effect 

The acceptance of recreational marijuana for medical and therapeutic purposes has led many raisers to seek out difference strains to try and alleviate the various medical ailments and their associated symptoms. Hempstar strain is one who has shown to be adequate for medicinal purposes.


It is generally recommended, particularly to patients who are seeking aid that will help them to adequately perform appropriately during the day. This strain is very efficient against mood disorders, especially for patients who suffer from depression and anxiety. 


Hempstar Effects

This hybrid is excellent at making you begin your day with the right amount of focus and clear-headedness. Hempstar marijuana strain provides mellow and focused energy. High doses of this stimulant strain can have an anxiety-provoking cerebral result, calm yet inciting when utilized in moderation. 


Growing Hempstar Info and Tips

Something even novice growers can manage with as not only is it immune to common molds and mildews, but it has a low-maintenance character to boot. Periodic pruning is suggested as a necessity as it grows to a height of up to 200 cm. It will optimize the yield as wholly as to maximize the space, particularly in constricted areas.