Things that we love the most about winter

Things that we love the most about winter

Things that we love the most about winter

Every seasons of the year are beautiful with their own uniqueness and beauty. While monsoon gives us greenery and fills romance in the air, summer brings cheerful sunshine to every doorsteps. And just like all other seasons, winter has its own charms. Though the chilly nights are harsh and like every other season, it also makes many people suffer, but we are always taught to see the good side of everything, aren’t we? By the time winters begin, we desperately want the summer to be gone so that we feel the cozy blankets and enjoy and a hot beverage at home. Here are some more exciting things about the winters that we enjoy a lot:


Snowfall: no matter whether you belong to a hilly area, or from the coastal side, every other person loves and dreams about the snow fall. Most of the romantic Hollywood and Bollywood movies also include snowfalls. People specifically make their trip plan to hill stations to see the snowfall. Children love to play in the snow, make snowman and enjoy fun time with their family and friends. It is undoubtedly the best part of every winter.  

Morning sunshine and a cup of tea:

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best things ever, such as a cup of tea in the winter morning. The touch of morning sunshine feels blissful during the winter. And when you have your favourite person to share a coffee or tea time, then it feels even greater!


We can’t go out to have fun time with our friends and family during monsoon or summer. But when the temperature starts to fall low, we plan our outings happily. Picnics are so much fun during the winters. Having long trips with family, having a barbeque lunch at a riverside, trekking a mountain, and bonfires and camping with friends; all these happen mostly during winters. 


Have you noticed that most of the festivals fall during the winter time? Starting from Hindu festivals like Dussehra and Diwali, which come during autumn, and then Thanks Giving, and Christmas; all of these grand festivals are celebrated worldwide during the winter season. So, these festivals also make the whole season the most enjoyable. 

New Year: 

Nothing is more happening than the New Year eve in the entire year. And again, this day falls during the peak of winter. Though the temperature lies in the lowest scale during this time, but our spirit and excitement of New Year celebration never dim. Wishing our loved ones on this day, having parties, and sending gifts are what make the day one of the best days in the entire year. Have you planned for your New Year party yet? If not, then do it now as it is just a month left. You can even send online New Year gifts to your dear ones from MyFlowerApp.Com

Street foods

More than any other time, the street foods allures us during the winters. From sandwiches, to pakoda, samosa, chat, panipuri, momos, and what not! The chilly winter urges you to have some of these tasty delights on your way back home. 

Winter fashion

Although there are lots of options of clothing styles in summer that includes your floral tops, casual tees, or tube tops but you can not deny that winter fashion has its own way too! People look more elegant and poised with the high neck sweatshirts, paired with a blazer. Even for women, colorful shawls or leather and fur jackets look amazing. The main advantage during this season is, unlike summer, you can wear your make up according to your mood and occasion without worrying about the perspiration. 


If you too have any other suggestions on what you like the most about winter then let us know!


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