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Things to know before buying a home in a high-rise

A lot of people are buying a high rise home as they are inexpensive as compared to landed properties besides offering 24x7 security and facilities.

A lot of people are buying a high rise home as they are inexpensive as compared to landed properties besides offering 24x7 security and facilities. On top of that, high-rises are also preferred by renters and buyers due to modern architecture, a spectacular view of the skyline, and also rooftop pools for luxury residences. Needless to say, high-rises are becoming a usual sight in a lot of cities. It includes not only metros but also smaller cities. It is the most prevailing construction type in the cities since it permits for a huge number of individuals to live close to the city centers.  


Let’s check out the below-mentioned top 10 things to know before you buy a house in the high-rise – 

Parking – 

It can be among the greatest pains of residing in the high rise and that is why looking for parking space is one of the most important home buying tips. You need to check whether the assigned and available parking will cater to your requirements. It is not only whether your parking space will be enough, but also whether or not it is sufficiently safe and if there is space for the guests to park while you have the visitors come over. 

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Many high-rise apartment complexes provide you with only 1 or 2 parking spots for every unit. In case you have over 2 cars, then you would need to rent or purchase additional slots. In that case, it is relevant to know beforehand how much will it cost you. 

Location – 

This is among the most critical home buying tips to keep in mind while purchasing any piece of land. A few people desire the convenience of residing close to the busy commercial area or even on top of the shopping mall, while others might desire the quieter residential area. Always remember that properties in exclusive areas bring with them a specific prestige however, also come with a heftier price tag. 

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Buyers must also consider the location of the unit within the building itself. In case there is an elderly individual within your family, units on lower levels would be best to deal with faulty elevators or emergencies. In case the unit is located or facing close to public areas such as the playground, barbeque area, or playground, expect some noise while other residents utilize these facilities. 

Security – 

The majority of high-rise developments include round-the-clock safety, along with guards manning your entrance & exit points. The residents have access cards while the guests also often have to register before they enter the building. Besides, it is working checking if there are extra security characteristics put in places such s restricted access to the individual floors, surveillance cameras, high perimeter facing, and regular patrolling. 


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Along with the premise itself, it is also inevitable to check the security of the surrounding areas and neighborhoods. Frequent occurrences of snatch thefts or break-ins mean that the area is not quite secure, to begin with, as well as would also affect residents residing in the high-rise buildings. You & your family will be spending a lot of your day within the property and that is why you need to be sure that there is a reasonable assurance level on the safety factor. 

Facilities – 

The majority of condominiums come with basic amenities like a gymnasium, community hall, and swimming pool. Do you wish for something more such as tennis or badminton courts? Well, then you would need to buy around for the right piece of land. Those who love hosting parties may desire the barbeque area which is available for the residents to utilize while the parents may want the spacious playground where their kids can securely play in. 


Also, a tiny convenience store within your property can be quite practical when you are required to purchase regular items such as groceries. In case the property is old, it would be a better idea to visit facilities for checking that they are well maintained and equipped. 

Floor deviations – 

Often, the illegal deviations from the construction plans take place on the building’s top floor. In case you are purchasing the top-floor flat, make it a point that there are no deviations beyond the permissible limits. Moreover, it is suggested to check out the floor as well as own a piece of land that has every necessary clearance. 


Who doesn’t want to invest in a good looking high-rise building to get their dream house, right? Well, to make sure that this dream does not turn out to be a nightmare for you, looking for illegal deviations is a must and the need of the hour. This way, not only you will get a beautiful house but you will also be able to reside safely in it without any hassle. 

Several Lift and staircases – 

Precisely put, there must be at least 2 or more lifts in every tower so that at least one of them is functional if the other breaks down. This factor is relevant in case you have children and elders in the family. In an emergency, lifts don’t work and that is why it also becomes relevant for you to check staircases which must offer the convenience of walking and accessing floors suitably. 

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Never forget that elevators/lifts and staircases make it possible for you to reach the highest story in the high-rise building as soon as it can. Got an emergency? Furthermore, these connectivity sources also support evacuating buildings quicker. So, the next time you go for a high-rise building apartment hunt, don’t forget to check out the staircase and elevators. 

Maintenance Fees & Plans – 

You should always look out for the maintenance signs in the amenities of your building. Also, there should be a wider assessment of what the management plans of a building are and how it implements its entire maintenance program. In the Calgary real estate market, buyers lay a special emphasis on the building’s maintenance plans & fans as it impacts their buying decision. 


Often, the well-run high-rise buildings will be transparent about their maintenance programs which cover everything from high-altitude window cleaning to garbage management. In case you find that it is tough to get these details, then that is maybe because there is not an inclusive cover, or, even if it is, it is not being followed properly. 

Density – 

The aggregate number of units within the development will impact the building’s density. As mentioned above, floor deviations are on a rise and that is why it is inevitable for you to make sure that you go for an apartment with the right density. A lot of people residing in the high-rise building can result in longer waiting times for lifts, traffic congestion, and not enough parking spaces at the entrance & exit points. 


This can be specifically annoying while you are attempting at leaving for work in the morning. The higher density also impacts the upkeep and maintenance of the shared areas and facilities. In case there are a lot of units within the building, ensure the fact that there are sufficient lifts for servicing a high number of residents residing there. 

View – 

Needless to say, one of the major benefits of residing in the high-rise building is its views, particularly on the higher floors with proper ventilation. That is why there is a high demand among buyers in the Calgary real estate sector for getting a house on higher floors. Also, the cooling breeze means that there will be less dependence on air-conditioning. You must check out new homes for sale Calgary if you consider moving to Calgary.


Those people who love to enjoy the view may also wish to consider the unit with the spacious balcony where there is some space for a cozy set of outdoor furniture. It is suggested to check whether or not there are empty plots of the land nearby the apartment or condominium you plan to purchase. It may be the site for future development and another high-rise being built next to the building you reside in & blocking the view is the last thing you want. 

Exposure to nature’s elements – 

The house on an upper floor would provide more sunlight as well as have better ventilation. However, this unrestrained sunlight will make your house much hotter in the summer & the cold breeze will make it colder in the winters. Also, greater exposure to rains makes the unit more vulnerable to seepage and internal damages during monsoon, in the case due care is not taken for protecting the house. 


Undeniably, these are important components for the house buyers to keep in mind while planning to buy the high-rise unit. Purchasing the apartment in a high-rise building needs you to take a look at specific factors like lift and staircases and floor deviations etc., which might not be a problem when buying the landed property. Assess the high-rise building with all of these points for making sure that the investment will be worth it over the period.

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