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Things you need to keep in mind before hiring an ESA consultant

Selecting Environmental Site Assessment(ESA) consultant is critical for construction. Here's how to choose the best one for the property

ESA is a must for all sorts of construction projects but how one can choose the best one? Well, here are a few pointers.

Construction projects are incessant all over the globe. Heck! The construction sector is responsible for all the amenities people can enjoy daily. Without construction projects, civilization will not only get stuck in its tracks but will also start moving back after a few months or so.

With that stated, it is time to discuss phase 2 environmental site assessment. 

First of all, what is it?

Well, ESA is a set of procedures, research phases, fieldwork, measurements and even scientific, geographical as well as environmental scrutiny carried out by certified individuals at a construction, renovation or demolition site.

The goal of ESA is to ensure that the environment around the project remains unharmed. Furthermore, it is also carried out in a bid to ensure that the project doesn’t get stopped by the authorities based on legalities. It also shields project managers as well as the property owners from finding themselves on the wrong side of the law.

That was the importance and overall definition of ESA but how does one choose the perfect ESA consultant from the countless number of service providers easily accessible over the internet?

Well, that is pretty easy.

All one would need to do is choose an EAS consultant based on the following criteria – 

It is best to hire a service provider that has experience working on the type of project one has on their hand

One should always hire an ESA consultant that has been or has worked on projects that are similar to the one has at their hand. Every construction, demolition or renovation project brings its share of unique contaminants that can harm the environment. 

Hence, hiring an ESA consultant that is suitable for the job is the only way one can steer clear from wasted resources such as time, efforts and money.

It is best to hire a service provider that comes with lots of references

When one is researching for the best phase 2 environmental site assessment consultant then they should cover all the necessary steps that they would tread if they had been searching for an employee as both the processes are similar.

One should ask the consultant for information regarding the projects it has worked on previously and also about the companies that can vouch for the overall prowess of the consultant. One can also reach out to the previous clients of the consultant and gather information about whether or not the consultant has what it takes to assist in the project.

In a nutshell – hiring an ESA consultant that came with a lot of references is an indicator of the fact that the company is capable enough to take on any form of hiccup that the construction project has in store for them.

It is best to hire a service provider that understands the project development plans

Before hiring an ESA consultant, one must ensure that the organization understands all the intrinsic as well as unique attributes of the project. Furthermore, it is a winner’s move when one hires an ESA consultant that has experience in the field of remedial redevelopment – an attribute that can keep a project from getting sealed by the authorities in case it is causing more damage to the environment than it should. 

Furthermore, it is also best to work with a firm that can help the project manager and the rest of the team to keep remedial costs down as it is the only way to keep the project afloat and the construction, renovation, or demolition company from going bankrupt.

Hiring a service provider with ample resources is ideal

One should always hire a phase 2 environmental site assessment consultant that has ample personnel under their payroll. In this way, the project will be subjected to multiple tests by referencing from countless resources. An ideal ESA consultant should also have the resources to ensure that the complete history of the property or the piece of land is being put under the lens so that the appropriate steps could be taken in the project plan in a bid to keep environmental damage (if any) to the minimum.

Hiring a service provider that can offer local guidance is the best decision

It is best to hire a phase 2 environmental site assessment consultant that works with local regulatory programs so that the project completes without any hiccup. This is an important aspect as states within a nation can have alternating or even completely different regulations surrounding a certain environmental aspect. Hence, in case a project found no hurdles in one state, doesn’t mean the same kind of project won’t be subjected to legal or regulatory hiccups in another.

To keep all of the above confusion at bay, it is best to hire an ESA consultant that can work with environmental and related regulatory norms with relative ease. This is an important consideration while hiring an ESA consultant in case the project managers do not want to let his or her time and monetary resources go to waste.


It is evident by now that hiring an ESA consultant would be a trying process for anyone who wouldn’t have access to the information shared above. Hence, it goes without stating that during the selection process, abiding by the tips shared in this post would be ideal.

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