Timestamp camera: Auto Datetime Stamper

Timestamp camera: Auto Datetime Stamper

Effectively add watermark to photos and add captions for pictures that are captured by the built-in camera from Auto Timestamp camera. Copyright your photos with logo and Signature stamp.

Who doesn't like their old memories? People often store their memories somewhere in different ways. Many people write their daily routine diary. And many people store their favorite things. Similarly, some people click photos of an object or place when they go for outings. 


People collect their memorable photos in different ways. Some of them make an album of the photos. While some prefer making scrapbooks. When they go somewhere, They capture the memories of that place in the camera. They print out the photos and then write words on the back of the photos. Some people also use a polaroid camera so that they can get instant photos and write their memories in words on it. Like this way people create and store their beautiful memories.


But the world is moving much faster with techniques and technologies. Because of this few people use smartphones to capture photos and store their memories digitally. And write about places or dates on those pictures with the help of some applications. These people are using a mobile application called “ Timestamp camera: Auto Datetime Stamper ”.


This 1 application does the work of 2 applications like capture the picture and put a stamp on it. With the help of this app you can add stamps such as datetime, location name , Logo and Signature. To put a stamp on a picture you have to just open the application and first set format of the stamp. After that you have to just simply click the picture then the app will process all things automatically and put a stamp on the picture.


This app is free of cost and effortless. This app has multiple formats for stamping. You can add your own logo and signatures also you can format font, color, and place of the stamp.Now you have to just download this app and set your format and just do clicks and this app automatically does the whole process and will give you a picture with your own stamps.


There was a time when the world seemed too big and people were few. There were few people in the world so people got a lot of space to live. People could easily get a place to live for very low prices. But the way we see that the population in the world is growing day by day rapidly. The day is not far away when we will see that there is no space in the world for people to live with peace.


Even nowadays it has become very difficult for a common man to get a house at affordable prices. Also it's hard to find. So buying and selling a home has become a business nowadays. Such people help people to sell or buy properties and make income from this.Generally these people are called as broker agents.


These brokers show people some photos of the house and take them personally to see the house if the buyers like it. These agents use mobile applications to click photos of the place and stamp the name of the place, datetime their brand logo on it.


An App called “Timestamp camera: Auto Datetime Stamper” does this job very well. This app has a stamping feature. From this you can put a stamp of Gps Location, datetime, signature and logo on the picture. Not only that you can also format those things in different styles and colors. You can change the size of the stamp, stamp position. From the GPS feature, you can add Current location and custom location also.


As we have seen that this application can be very useful not only in this business but also in all your other work with the help of its many features. Feel the astonishing difference between the photos you capture from your default camera and those which you captured with Timestamp Camera. 


From now don't let anybody steal your pictures! Having copyright as in Text on photos is an unquestionable requirement. So download this app and do happy stamping with this free mobile application.


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