Tips and Tricks to enhance Power BI performance

Power BI is a free, cloud-based business intelligence service that's simple to use, correlates disparate data and gives full visibility of business performance.

All Dynamic Organizations and competitive businesses across the world believe in data-driven decision making. At the same time, as they grow, they face challenges in effectively managing their data resources. While making critical decisions, one cannot rely on inappropriately structured or partially correct data. It could lead to a substantial reduction in the ability to harness available data for better business decision making. That’s where business intelligence systems or analytic tools such as Microsoft Power BI play an essential role. A Microsoft Power BI Certification could help you effectively analyze your data, discover necessary information, suggest conclusions and ensure accurate decision making.

"Power BI is a free, cloud-based business intelligence service that's simple to use, correlates disparate data and gives full visibility of business performance." (Source: )

This blog will briefly explain what Microsoft Power BI is all about and what are the tips to enhance its performance. We will also try to understand why a Microsoft Power BI Certification Training from NetCom Learning could be a valuable investment for your organization.

Power BI: The “What” Part

Microsoft Power BI is a report authoring and analytics tool. It can also be described as a cloud-based data visualization software. Power BI provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities, allows users to create reports and dashboards without any support from the IT staff or database administrators.

Power BI simplifies data evaluation and sharing with the help of features such as scalable dashboards, embedded visuals, and interactive reports.

Power BI: Two Versions

  • Power BI Desktop: It is an on-premise solution that connects to a cloud-based service to upload and share data or information across the organization.
  • Power BI Mobile: This version provides all the similar capabilities as available in the Desktop product. In addition to those functions, it comes in the form of an app and gives you a holistic view of your company, anytime, anywhere or on the go.

Power BI: Benefits

  • Power BI seamlessly integrates with Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint documents or SQL databases. It enhances non-Microsoft solutions, too. Power BI currently connects common software solutions your business uses and pulls data into a centralized dashboard.
  • Easy to Implement.Little or no IT resources are required to implement Power BI. One merely needs to create an API key and plug it into the software.
  • Access Control & Security Features.Power BI provides access control through Active Directory (AD) control panel you use for other Microsoft services. It provides row-level security, and content packs, one of its security advantages makes Power BI compliant as a system.

The Leadership team that recognizes the business value of cutting-edge business intelligence tools is more likely to adapt to the ever-evolving data-driven business ecosystem.

A Microsoft Power BI Certification Course could give a significant boost to your existing capabilities.

Power BI: Tips & Tricks to Enhance Performance

  1. The Dashboard can be used as a navigation pane for your BI and reporting content. It lets you customize the link or links a tile can use. One can easily add a custom tile by first navigating to the dashboard to be customized and then clicking the + Add Tile button on the top right of the Dashboard.Dashboards can be used to do a lot of different things. All aimed at improving usability. Dashboard tiles can be used to link to custom images, other custom web content, and videos.
  1. You can use OneDrive for Business: Rather than using traditional source control products such as TFS, SVN, you may use OneDrive for Business. While already using OneDrive for Business, you get the functionality to track previous versions of documents stored. One can view and restore previous versions of a file by navigating to OneDrive from Office 365 portal.
  2. The Load to Report Option can be disabled to eliminate loading of duplicate data. It also helps in reducing the Power BI Model Size. While querying multiple data sets and merging the results into a single query within Power BI, you may be storing duplicate copies of your data. Additionally, you could also be unnecessarily inflating the size of your Power BI model. To avoid such a situation, one can configure a query within Power BI. It will not be loaded into the model and will reduce the size of the Power BI model.
  3. Gateway Performance can be monitored by using On-Prem Data Gateway PerfMon Counters. These counters can give you an indication on the resources being used on the machine the Data Gateway is installed. Also, you get a fair understanding if you should set up another Data Gateway to spread the workload.

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