Tips to Do When You Get Too High on Weed

Tips to Do When You Get Too High on Weed

If you're wondering what to do when too high on weed, flower, edibles, or concentrate, here are some quick tips to show you how to come down from a high that gets too intense. So for the next time make a note of "What & How much you weed delivery order and consumed".

You’ve decided to call on weed delivery and scheduled a cannabis session for the day. Although the feeling of getting psychoactive is definitely fun and exciting, one thing weed users do not take delight from is becoming too high. It can be from the gummies you took three hours prior or from the smoke you inhaled a little too deep. It might be your first time with that concentrate, too much of that brownie, or simply, you have low tolerance on weed. There are many reasons why it happens, but one thing is certain, the experience is intolerable.

How Long Does it Take to Sober Up?

The duration of the high depends on many factors. The delivery method, dose, type of weed, and each individual’s unique reaction can vary. Normally, the more potent the weed is, the longer high will last. The strongest cannabis is in the form of concentrate, followed by flowers and gummies. If you are an everyday user of weed, you will likely have high tolerance, which makes you sober a lot faster than infrequent users. In theory, the average high lasts between 35 minutes to 2 hours. Although there are residual effects still felt after. 

Luckily, there are tips to do when you get too high and overwhelmed from too much weed consumption.

Stay Calm:

Start with the golden rule when getting too high – don’t panic. You are good and everything is alright. The aftermath of taking too much cannabis will occur within minutes to hours. Stay calm and give it some time. Believe us, that will eventually go away. Keep in mind that there is no reported case on death due to cannabis overdose. Ever. So no matter how much you freak out, keep in mind that you’ll be okay in a while. The National Cancer Institute brought up, “Because cannabinoid receptors, unlike opioid receptors, are not situated in the brainstem zones controlling respiration, lethal overdoses from cannabis and cannabinoids do not occur.”

Hydrate and Eat:

Do not forget to drink water or juice. Make sure you have a liquid drink on hand (not caffeinated and non-alcoholic). Forget about alcohol if you don’t want to increase the THC concentration in your blood. Hydrating will help you fight mouth dryness and help you focus on sipping and swallowing, thus making you calm. Some people prefer munching some snacks like fruits, cheese, nuts, or biscuits to achieve focus and loosen up. 

Know Your Limits:

Okay, this tip won’t help after you did all that, but this can help you avoid this situation next time. It’s always a great idea to consume cannabis according to your tolerance level. Knowing the amount of THC is important. Ask the local dispensary or cannabis delivery service for the right product suited to your needs. Do not feel pressured from others to take more than what you can manage.  And make sure to do it with people you’re comfortable with. You do not want to feel paranoid and unpleasant with strangers. Take it slow. With edibles, wait for an hour at least before indulging on another dose. The same goes for smoking and vaporizing. 

Prepare Some Black Pepper:

A simple kitchen ingredient like black pepper can be your rescue to fight off paranoia and anxiety. Cannabis connoisseurs swear by this! Sounds like magic, isn’t it? Sniffing or chewing a few black peppers can give you instant relief. The science behind it is through caryophyllene. It is a compound in a peppercorn that is a potent CB2 antagonist. 

Rest and Breathe

Find a comfortable place to rest and breathe. Remember that the discomfort you’re feeling will pass in time. Take deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Focus on your breathing and rest. If you can, sleeping it off is the best option. Although it’s not easy to do that. Find a spot to relax and lay down a bit. Dr. James Lathrop, a doctor who runs Seattle pot shop says that “The best thing to do, and what people should be prepared to do, is to go to bed. Turn the lights down, maybe put on some mellow music, and go to sleep. You really just want to sleep it off. At that point, when you awaken, you'll be overall quite smooth, and prepared to screw that up once more.”

Go for a Walk:

if you can’t focus your mind on resting and laying down, outside air can get you refreshed. Just make sure to be in a safe and near surrounding to avoid getting lost to a place while feeling paranoid. Do this when you’re not feeling too groggy to stand. If not, resting is your best bet.

Take A Shower:

If you are at home and not at somebody else’s place. Taking a nice shower will help you relax while waiting for the high to disappear. 

Distract Yourself:

Find something to distract your brain. Find some entertaining ways to distract yourself of the uncomfortable high you’re currently feeling. We suggest:

  • Watching a funny show or movie
  • Listening to your favorite music
  • Playing a video game
  • Talking to your friends
  • Cuddling with your partner
  • Drawing, reading, writing, and coloring books. Anything to make you think.
  • Eating a delicious dessert

Make sure the distractions you choose are easy and familiar to give you an immediate, warm, and positive reminder that everything will be okay.

Counteract with CBD:

Contrary to THC, CBD has great anxiety-fighting properties. Some people use CBD to counteract too much THC in the body. CBD interacts with our brain receptors, and it can also help induce sleep. Dr. Joe Cohen, a doctor of cannabis medicine in Denver, Colorado says that “The best reversal for the unpleasant side effects of too much THC is CBD.”

If all of these tips fail and you find yourself desperately anxious, you can always seek for medical attention. Tell the doctor you’re having cannabis-induced anxiety and they will know what to do to help. 

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