Top 25 B2B Websites Marketplaces in the World

Be a part of 25 most successful B2B websites in India If you are a business, and you want to grow you business and trade then you need to be a part of 25 most successful b2b websites in India.  In the past two – three decades India has emerged as a most potential and fastest growing country in the global business market.

Be a part of 25 most successful B2B websites

in India

If you are a business, and you want to grow you business and trade then you need to be a part of 25 most successful b2b websites in India.  In the past two – three decades India has emerged as a most potential and fastest growing country in the global business market. And it has not only entered into the international trading environment but it has also proven the capabilities of our minds to the world.

It has been observed that specifically in the past one decade business market has been shifted to the whole new digital market. Where people from all over the world, sitting in any of the countries, having there trade offices in any of the states or cities, can easily make their mark in the market.

There are certain online platforms where you can buy or sell your ideas, plans, thoughts, skills,  products, services, and art. It takes only few seconds to reach out the targeted customers or clients.

These online websites or sources or virtual markets help you to connect with business houses and prospective customers. There are numbers of websites available online these days but we are sharing 25 most famous business websites in this article.

Tryout These 25 Business to Business Websites

Amazon Business: It’s one of the most successful and accepted business websites  in India. People trust this this brand and they do trading on this platform. Not every product or service is allowed to be traded on this platform. Only those goods which are as per the norms and conditions of the firm can be offered.

Alibaba Wholesale: It is also listed among top websites for wholesale business and there are more than 40 products and services listed on this website. Here buyers find the most discounted prices for products and services and they can experience and compare world-class variety of goods.

WebdealIndia: The website deals in one and all industries in India. And it focuses on business to business and business to customers module for wholesale deals. The website is registered extension and is 6-7 years  old.

Indiamart: It is an oldest platform of trading online in India and was founded in 1996. There are millions of individuals connected with this website for business purposes.It is considered to be among the most trusted online sites for sell and purchase activities.

ExportersIndia: It is one of the largest and oldest website for business trading and exports in India. Here all the parties can connect with each other i.e. Manufacturers, Distributors, Exporters, Wholesalers and Buyers etc.

TradeIndia: TradeIndia is a famous e-commerce website shows the list of domestic and international businesses in the yellow pages format. It is a trusted online market. It was formed in 1996 and from then it has emerged as a unique solution point for domestic and international trade practices.

JimTrade: It is more than one decade old online business website. It works on the directory format and provides list of listed business companies for all kinds of industries.It also provides you a wholesome list of competitors to compare their services and prices.

Go4WorldBusiness: It was founded in the year 1997 in India and is famous for world export and import trading. There are numbers of trades and businesses listed on this site. On this site you can get the access to the international clients to sell or purchase products,  services or any skills etc.

Tradeford: This website is famous as it provides free websites to the users and business trading in the world.The website is having trade of more than $ 54,000/- and it has different domains for different countries. The Indian Tradefordwebsite is 2 years old but it is very famous and successful among business persons and companies.

IndiaTradeZone: The website provides a virtual place where all small,  medium and large size business houses can trade with each other. It is famous for cost effective export and import of goods and services.

MadeFromIndia: It is among those Indian websites which provide business directories to the buyers and sellers. And it provides best deals to one and all. It was formed in the year 2008 but as a unique business to business platform provider this website ranked among most desirable business portals. The website is having it’s physical existence in PAN India.

BusinessMartIndia: The website provides whole new range of products and services from different industries. And it is very cost effective and full of offers from different businesses. It has it’s presence in the market since 2005 and now it is famous worldwide for providing most accurate and professional domain names to the clients for the right approached business.

PostOffer: Post offer is an online portal where business companies can promote and market their products and services better. It also provides offers to be posted on different websites. You can have your personal business account on this website and you can simply sign in on it and you can promote your business in the most effect way.

SahibJiOnline: Sahib ji online is a unique portal to provide end to end solutions and services for your travel needs. It also compares different offers,  packages, flight rates etc. The owner and founder of the company is Mr. Arvind Singh Sethi.

EWorldTradeFair: It is among those websites which provide services and focuses on business to business and business to customers trade. Here you can find the most profitable and unique offers and trading packages.

TravelePoint: It is an online brand of Compark Group and it focuses on the quality solutions for the air ticketing, mobile and DTH recharges, test designed packages, hotel bookings etc. The team of this website is dedicated towards providing the prominent tour packages to you under you planned budgets.

eBizGC: It is a web solution hub where one can get the services to get designed business to business and business to customers oriented websites for their businesses. It was founded in the year 2000, although, it is a subsidiary of KR Group.

Varighty: Varighty is a dedicated website for all types of mobiles phones. It provides best deals to the buyers and sellers. It is more than 7 years old online business to business platform. And moreover it’s turnover is more than $40,800/-.

DialnSearch: It is the online place where all the business companies can find the solutions for their business related needs. And they can search all the small and big companies to trade with.

HindustanMarkets: It is a famous online market in India where companies and buyers can meet at one place and they can do beneficial trade with each other as they get attractive offers. It was founded by Anthony Volodkin.

DhGate: It is an online portal where all the business and individuals can get their business related solutions. It also works as a medium to transfer the payments. People using online payment apps for payment,  the amount is deposited in the account of DH Gate.

Sulekha: Sulekha is an Indian website focused on providing appropriate leads to the businesses and the right sources for buying goods and services. It is the most trusted online platforms providing end to end business solutions. It has been more than a decade that is expanding it’s presence in the world market.

TataB2B: It is a project of Tata Communications and it is a free open online platform for one and all. You can make your own account here for free and you can promote your business, products and services.

AskLaila: This website provides you details of business firms and helps you to reach out to their products and services easily. You can also find the whole some range of products and services details.

JustDial: It is an online platform where you can find the directories of different industries. And you can do business to business and business to customers trading by getting yourself registered on this portal.

Benefits of Business to Business Websites –

  • It opens the doors of global opportunities for the business or a company .
  • These websites help to reach out to the maximum prospective customers and buyers of the products and services.
  • It is more beneficial for small and medium scale companies to grow at a large scale.
  • It brings all the latest business updates and technology under one roof.
  • Buyers and Sellers are not suppose to meet physically in the market but they can perform trading by sitting at there own places.
  • These websites provide you the whole new way of performing promotional activitiesand marketing stunts online.
  • One can connect with the other person within few seconds by sitting in the different continents.
  • It is an easy method to do Business to Business tie up with one or more companies at a time.
  • It is an open source for every individual or a group of people.
  • These websites are dynamic in nature and can be customized as per the requirements.

These top 25 websites can help you setup your new business and you can get benefited and even you can promote your existing business on these online websites. So to give better growth to your business be a part of 25 most successful b2b websites in India.