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Shawn Mendes

Singer Shawn Mendes won't drink alcohol whereas traveling as a result of he doesn't wish to create mistakes,

Have you sung on stage for sixty minutes? it's f***ing laborious. And nearly not possible hungover. there is the bound magic medication that may facilitate, however, I'm not curious about those, therefore after I am flying ten hours and there's a 3-hour drive to the venue and that I am doing three interviews, honestly, it's physically not possible to drink," Ted Shawn told Times vogue magazine.

"You need to be associate contestant within the pop world, I am not kidding," he added.

Asked what Rolling Stones legend Michael Philip Jagger would think about his moral ways in which, he said: "He didn't have cellphones recording him 24/7. If he appeared like s**t, nobody would recognize. If I disfigure, it's going viral."


Adele stunned 2 fans by tempting them to perform their infective agent video piece of music of her hits throughout her concert on Sunday night.

The “Hello” star contends her second and final gig at the 3Arena in the national capital, Ireland, and to shut out her weekend, she determined to share the stage with Irish singers spaceman tater and Ronan Scolard, a lot of to their surprise.

In anticipation of attending the concert, spaceman and Ronan had denoted a video of themselves singing a piece of music of a number of Adele’s biggest hits, together with “Someone such as you,” “Turning Tables,” and “When we tend to Were Young.”

Colt Prattes

A relative unknown whose biggest previous credit was the music video for Pink’s “Try” — plays Johnny Castle, the role originally vies by the late Saint Patrick Swayze. The new edition airs Wednesday and conjointly stars Abigail Breslin as Baby (Jennifer Grey’s character), with Sarah Hyland, Debra Messing, Katey Sagal, Nicole Scherzinger, Bruce forest and Billy Dee Williams rounding error out the solid.

You can’t make out higher,” Colt Prattes tells The Wrap of the first film. however, he's assured that viewers can relish this new tackle the story. “I simply hope individuals take time to look at it and find it irresistible for this version.”


A disputable pop singer who had hymen repair surgery to revive her ‘virginity’ has shown off her latest operation’s results to own abs like Madonna and a bum like Emily Ratajkowski.

Spanish stunner Leticia Sabater, 52, has conjointly antecedently undergone surgery on her breasts, lips, cheeks, and eyes in her bid to enhance her face and figure.

Her latest procedure reportedly prices fifteen,000 EUR (12,937 GBP) and was designed to allow her perfectly-toned abdomen muscles and move unwanted fat from alternative elements of her body to her buttocks.

“I had fat is taken from my striated muscle, back, pubis, thighs… we have a ton of fat there. All the fat off from there was place in my bottom. A mini abdomen plastic was additionally done, as I had skin that wasn't alleged to be there underneath my navel.”

The singer, who is additionally called a TV host and reality TV star, shared pictures of the results of the operation along with her followers on social media, speech the complete results won't be visible for 3 months


Justin Bieber

An Icelandic ravine has been closed aloof from guests following a large inflow of tourists – and a few square measures blaming Justin Bieber.

 however, gained prominence when that includes within the pop star's music video for 2015 single “I’ll Show You”.

Visitor numbers to the ravine have virtually doubled from 2017 to 2018, growing from one hundred fifty,000 to 282,000.

The popularity surge has resulted in injury to vegetation, leading Umhverfis Stofnun (the Icelandic surroundingsAgency) to shut all public access to the landmark till one June.

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