Top 6 movies PMP Certification aspirants should watch

PMP Certification has become a trending professional in the current industry. A project manager’s role is to showcase their skills, knowledge and expertise to meet the project requirements.

PMP Certification has become a trending professional in the current industry. A project manager’s role is to showcase their skills, knowledge and expertise to meet the project requirements. There are certain movies, which clearly differentiate great project management examples. Movies on the silver screen showcase – lessons to be learned by project managers. Below mentioned are top 6 movies, which are a great way to picture project management with a different perspective. 

Top 6 movies every PMP aspirant should watch

  • Inside Out - You may even find your colleagues annoying, sometimes you have a team of individuals. We differ markedly in the case of Inside Out. For these are joy, sorrow, fear, disgust, and wrath. All of them work together on a plan that develops a child's personality.

What can you learn? The strength of another talent in the group should never be overlooked by good project management, because it can be useful for the entire project if appropriately hired.

  • The Martian - Two projects are taking place in “The Martian” simultaneously. One is Mark Watney's survival project and the other is his saving project. He is a botanist, he knows how to repair a broken Pathfinder, and even on his first day alone on Mars, the most important thing is that he does not be alone in panic.

What can you learn? Good skills, PMP Exam prep, and a group committed to the project can save you!

  • Cars Of The Revolution - This Turkish film tells the real story of Turkey's first car in 1961 designed and produced. This is a good example of the management of projects in a difficult context. The 23 engineers who have been appointed to the project only have 130 days to design and produce the vehicle, but must also overcome some internal barriers.

What can you learn?  No matter what, no obstacle can prevent you from successfully finishing the project if you believe in your team as a project manager.

  • Back To The Future - In this film, time management is the most important factor in the project. Marty McFly should plan the project so thoroughly that he is by the church when the lightning hits. He should also be careful when working on the project to prevent the break of space & time continuum.

What can you learn? You should not be afraid to take risks when attempting to complete a project, but you must also ensure your project management team has the right members.

  • Ironman - The first armour Tony Stark builds for his first project was not enough for his resources. But for his first objective, it was still sufficient to escape his situation as a rebel. So we can claim he was a successful manager of the venture. He then creates a new suit with a better arc reactor. He thus brings his previous experiences and a useful tool together as a project manager to achieve even better results in his next project.

What can you learn? Even if the ventures are good enough, there is something different to you, such as a PMP training, to develop your skills.

  • Ghostbusters - Ghostbusters were created when they recognized a particular problem or demand on the market: the myths occur and a group and equipment should be given to get rid of them. They collected the necessary funding and worked on producing their high-tech equipment to get the fantasies of their project, which started off with this radical idea. That resulted did not look as optimistic for its future: the lack of buyers.

What can you learn? Sometimes you have to be a courageous pioneer and you should continue working on this, even if nobody yet believes in your project.

Why get certified?

Doesn’t matter what credential you are preparing for, whether it’s a project management or business analyst certification - getting certified has its own perks. For starters, a professional certification can help you land on better job prospects, with a higher salary, and build strong networks.

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