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Top 8 Places to Visit in Dubai in 2020

Being one of the most visited places in the world, Dubai offers a wholesome and holistic travelling experience.

Famous for its high-rise architecture, an outstanding collection of resorts and spas, man made islands and luxurious 5-star and 7-star hotels. The grandeur design and style of Properties in Dubai is one of the best in the world. If you are planning to visit Dubai check out the following tourist attractions:

Burj Khalifa

This mammoth structure is a testament to the excellent architecture that Dubai churns out at regular intervals to mesmerize the world. Celebrated as the world's tallest building, this tower naturally dominates the Dubai skyline. One just wishes that this towering building could have been a Plot for Sale or Property for Rent in Dubai. When in Dubai a visit to this architectural wonder is a must! Its beauty can be appreciated from afar but the real experience lies inside. You can discover a unique and enchanting view from the top. On a bright clear day, the majestic view from the observation deck is absolutely stunning. You can also enjoy your meal at At.mosphere on level 122 which offers an amazing view of the Dubai skyline and is indeed an experience in itself. The Lounge, which is spread across levels 152, 153 and 154 is the tallest lounge in the world and is a must-visit.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek offers you a glimpse of the rich history of Dubai. This salt-water estuary is the actual site where the Bani Yas tribe settled and later on flourished in this region. Its waters were crucial as it helped the local economy in the form of pearl diving and fishing. Fast forward time and today the Creek stands as a testament to Dubai's history. It also houses the Dubai Museum and the maze-like alleyways of the spice, textile and gold souks. Must-dos while visiting this place is a traditional abra ride from Bur Dubai to Deira and vice versa. 

Dubai Marina

Another architectural marvel in Dubai is the Dubai Marina. It is the largest man made marina in the world and a must-visit place in Dubai. You can stroll along the Marina Walk or experience the amazing sights on a traditional dhow cruise. This tourist attraction is on the list of anybody who visits Dubai owing to the various waterside restaurants and irresistible retailing options at Dubai Marina Mall. Dubai Marina also houses the world's longest urban zipline, XLine. This is an experience which nobody should miss as it is also one of the steepest and fastest ziplines in the world. Just clutch yourself tight as you zip across and enjoy the truly enchanting view of the glitzy Dubai Marina area with dazzling five-star yachts and sky-touching high-rises. The best thing is that every person gets a customized video and photographs of their own ride to flaunt it on their social media.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Nestled alongside the Dubai Creek, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is an important heritage site of Dubai. It has preserved much of the original infrastructure to let the world know about the rich history and heritage of the mid-19th century Dubai. The beautiful architecture of the area resembles mid sized Townhouses in Dubai. Best seen on foot, this area offers a glimpse of the bygone era with traditional wind towers and a labyrinth of winding alleyways. With over 50 houses to explore, the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood tells a tale of the social life before the Emirates. You can start at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding where a guided tour will familiarize you with the culture and customs of this district. Following which you can step into the Coins Museum, which displays over 470 rare coins to understand the monetary system of the time. Other attractions include the Symposium House, Events House, Calligraphy House, and the Municipality House, which stands as a testimony of traditional Dubai architecture. In all the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is a must-visit place in Dubai.

Dubai Opera

Located in the heart of the city in the new Opera district, the Dubai Opera, with an enticing schedule can rival to that of London's famous West End or Manhattan's Broadway. Standing next to the Burj Khalifa and with amazing views of the Dubai Fountain, the building has been designed in the shape of an Arabian dhow ship. The stunning architecture of the building is sure to catch your eye. With wood-panelled interiors and the shimmering cascading chandelier, the Dubai Opera for sure offers a luxurious entertainment experience. Complement your wonderful artistic experience with the urbane and sophisticated rooftop restaurant, The Loft with stunning views of the Burj Khalifa as an add-on.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

One of the most exciting and touristy things in Dubai is the Dubai Parks and Resorts. This comprises of three theme parks(Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, Legoland Dubai), one waterpark(Legoland Water Park) along with Riverland entertainment and dining avenue and a Polynesian-themed family resort, Lapita Hotel. 

Motiongate Dubai is a Hollywood-inspired theme park and combines three legendary film studios - Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, and Lionsgate. Get ready to be blown away by the thrilling rides and awe-inspiring attractions as the big screen classics have been re-imagined - from Smurfs to Shrek, How to Train a Dragon to The Hunger Games. Cinema enthusiasts and budding artists can learn a couple of dance moves from the Step Up crew and also learn about behind-the-scenes moviemaking on real-life film sets at Studio Central.

Bollywood Parks Dubai is the first theme park dedicated to Bollywood in the world. Experience the magic of Bollywood in this themed park packed with dance, action, and romance. You can live the Bollywood fantasy by putting on the mask and flying high as Hrithik Roshan's Krrish, chase down the notorious and world-famous Don (played by superstar Shah Rukh Khan) and also pickup a couple of Bollywood-style stunt moves from Salman Khan's Dabangg. Also do not forget to check the region's first Broadway-style Bollywood musical, Jaan-E-Jigar, at the incredible Rajmahal theatre. Complete with interactive and immersive rides, stunning multimedia theatre shows and action-filled experiences, Bollywood Parks Dubai is a must when visiting Dubai.

Legoland Dubai transports you to the good old childhood days as this theme park is close to almost every visitor's heart. Lego has been synonymous with almost every person's childhood all across the globe. This ultimate theme park is for families with children in the age group 2-12 and offers a spectacular and remarkable experience. With more than 40 Lego-themed rides and Lego-building activities that the whole family can take part in and enjoy Legoland Dubai is a world in itself. 15000 Lego models created with 60 million Lego bricks, six themed lands and a combination of outdoor and indoor activities make up this theme park which cannot be missed while travelling to Dubai.

Legoland Water Park is Dubai's only waterpark which has specifically been designed for families with young children. With over 20 adventurous and thrilling, Lego-themed water rides along with Duplo Splash Safari for toddlers and a few single rides for the bigger kids, Legoland Water Park is the most popular with kids. This water park also has a Build-A-Boat exercise wherein the kids can immerse themselves in constructing a boat out of their own imagination and also testing it in the waters to see the fruits of their hard work and creativity. Kids also have the option of customizing their own Lego rafts before sailing against the current.

Riverland Dubai comprises four districts namely The Peninsula, India Gate, The French Village, and Boardwalk. These stunning and vibrant districts form the central entertainment, retail and dining destination and can be accessed for free. You can just lazily stroll along the river exploring these districts while enjoying the world-famous cuisines and indulging in retail therapy. Each district offers a glimpse of a different part of the world and is filled with shops, restaurants, eateries, and host of live entertainment in the form of jugglers and many more.


Lapita Hotel is a Polynesian-themed hotel located right in the heart of Dubai Parks and Resorts. This hotel gives you the option of not just visiting Dubai Parks and Resorts but also to stay there and live your fantasy of living inside a themed park. With over 60 suites and three villas, Lapita Hotel is the ultimate destination for comfort and relaxation. Kids simply love staying at this Polynesian-themed hotel as it allows them to wake up to the likes of Legoland, Hollywood and Bollywood-inspired theme parks with stunning views of the river. Comprising of five restaurants and bars with live music and entertainment along with a serene atmosphere and exuberant landscape, this family-friendly hotel for sure takes care of your utmost comfort and entertainment. 

Madinat Jumeirah

Madinat Jumeirah was designed to replicate the traditional Arabian city and to showcase to the world as to how Dubai in its olden days used to look like. Despite being just a replica, anyone would wish that these structures could be Buildings for Sale in Dubai. Madinat Jumeirah is an Arabian mini-city in Dubai and also boasts of its own private beach. This mini-city consists of three grand hotels - Jumeirah Al Qasr, Jumeriah Mina A'Salam and Jumeriah Al Naseem and a bunch of traditional summerhouses at Jumeirah Dar Al Mayasaf along with seven grand homes at Jumeirah Malakiya Villas. The five kilometer river system allows you to tour on a traditional in-house abra around the area and you can also stop by Madinat Jumeirah's own souk on the way. In addition to this the Madinat Jumeriah hosts more than 50 different restaurants, nightclubs and lounges to let you party in style. You can also lounge out in the sun on the 2 kilometer private beach which also houses watersport equipment to fulfill your adrenaline high. 

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Famously known as the "Cape of the Creek", Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is a wetland of global prominence and importance. It comprises various types of salt flats, mangroves, lagoons and intertidal mudflats which birds use for building their nests and habitats. This wildlife sanctuary has also been recognized by Bird Life International as an important Bird Area and hence is one of the few protected areas in the region. The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary serves as a breeding place for a number of species from the animal kingdom like crustaceans, fish, and mammals. During winters the flamingos steal the show as they migrate to this sanctuary. If one pays attention and has the eye for detail, they will be able to spot grey herons, great egrets, reef herons, cormorants, black-winged stilts, sandpipers, osprey and many more. At the moment there are three bird hides which are open for the public to visit. This wildlife sanctuary serves as a major hub of tourism as well as awareness and is visited by millions of wildlife enthusiasts. The entry to this sanctuary is free for all and operates from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM Saturday to Thursday.

Dubai has always been a mercantile hub since olden days. Even before oil was explored, Dubai served as an important trading centre. Today Dubai boasts of a retail shopping experience like no other city in the world. It is a one stop shop for all the major leading brands from clothing, accessories, furniture, interiors, etc etc

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