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Top 9 Most Popular AngularJS Frameworks for the Year 2020

The applications are the most beautiful creation by the developer and therefore he or she always tries to add something...

The applications are the most beautiful creation by the developer and therefore he or she always tries to add something new to them and enhance their performance. The biggest problem for any developer is writing code all over again, even if they only have to make some minute changes in the code or add certain features to their app. For such developers or programmers, Angular JS is a boon where you can instantly remove or add features if you have an understanding of certain frameworks. If you do not know the frameworks you might not be able to operate on the Angular JS app.

Angular js Frameworks for Developers

Check out some of these amazing AngularJS frameworks that are quite popular and you will surely love using them as developers:


Vue is the invention of Evan You. It came into the market in 2014 and has been very popular ever since. It can prove a helpful tool in front end development as it provides a solution to enhance the UI of the apps. The best part is that it is a compact framework. Also, it is lightweight and is capable of handling projects of any size. Moreover, web app Development Company is always available to help you out in building the web pages.

React- by frontend developers

It is a very portable framework which makes it a very amazing template. The popularity can be proved by the fact that it is owned by Facebook and can give a new outlook to your UI. React is used by renowned companies all around the world. The other reason for its popularity is that the code once is written can be used again as many times as you want.Hire app developers today to add a new look to your existing website.

AngularUI Bootstrap

As the name suggests this framework has been designed at the top of Bootstrap. It has all the basic capabilities and functions that are provided by Bootstrap along with HTML coding. It should be considered that unlike Bootstrap that operates on jQuery, the AngularUI Bootstrap is strongly compatible only with the AngularJS framework.

Ionic- by Angular Js Development services

If you are looking for something that can enhance the scalability of your code, then Ionic is the best choice for you as a developer. Most of the developers prefer it to make hybrid mobile applications. It works very smoothly with AngularJS to build brilliant hybrid apps.

It is appreciated by people as it supports all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes. The best part of this framework is that it can be used with web apps platform, in case you want to convert it into a mobile application. Companies using Angular js have always appreciated it.

Mobile Angular UI

This framework is an excellent choice if you want to make mobile applications on AngularJS because it specializes in this section. One will be able to create mobile applications that are compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. The framework also supports hybrid applications this reducing your time. You can hire an angular js Development Company so that it can build the best for your mobile application. The angular apps produced stand above all in the crowd.

Angular Material- by a frontend development company

Although there are different frameworks this one can be a specific choice if you looking for a UI framework that can be a helping hand in building layout of the webpages. It would provide a very attractive look to the page. As it is a very good choice for layout designs it also helps you in placing elements on the web screen. Angular Js Company especially recommends it for layout purposes. You can hire front end developers for better guidance through the whole process.

Radian- by angular frontend developers

The plain text seems to be something old and boring. So if you want to make your work interesting by adding some illustrations in the forms of charts then Radian is a good choice. It would allow you to use plotting codes to perform the same. It is open source and is very compatible with HTML documents. You can also make use of a JavaScript library to produce the desired graphs or plots.

AngularJ Development Company

Mean IO

Working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript development can be very exciting and is a journey in itself. No doubt a developer undertakes a lot of hard work in learning the codes. But despite there every effort these codes sometimes make your project very heavy and here is the point where Mean IO can help you. It will assist you in making very straightforward pages and at the same time are fast and expressive. You can also hire web app developers for a complete makeover of your web page.


After doing everything. Like putting codes and developing a web page, you would also like to try it, before actually putting it out in front of the audience. To make sure that the program you are planning to execute is up to the mark, you can make use of this angular testing framework. The Protector works very effectively and after completion of your code, it starts testing it. Angular Js Development Company says that it is the best one can use for development. Backend development is as important as front end web development, so Protector can always help in that.

Some Final Words

We have gone through several frameworks in the above article. Each framework has its specialty and therefore they enhance your work. Also, it is very important as a developer to know which framework would go best with your work. Angular JS framework is versatile and their execution is perfect only if the programmer knows to use them well and understand their true potential. Some are good at testing, some at formatting and lining while others are brilliant for giving a structure to your web app or mobile app. So, choose your framework judicially.

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