Iconic Cartoon Cars

Top Iconic Cartoon Cars of all Times

From the Mystery Machine to Noddy’s yellow convertible car, some cars from cartoon series occupy a unique place in our life

From the Mystery Machine to Noddy’s yellow convertible car, some cars from cartoon series occupy a unique place in our life

Many of us have spent our childhood attached to the screen of the television watching cartoon series for hours. Unlike children of this generation, we did not have access to alternative modes of entertainment such as games on smartphones or 3D visual entertainment. We had some cartoons that were considered as cool during the period of late 90s and early 2000.

From racing plot to detective series, we had plenty of options and the cartoons featured plenty of cars or automobiles. The Swat Kats had a fast jet and a motorcycle whereas Oswald the octopus had a red car. Those vehicles fascinated us and at some point, we all demanded to have those. Unfortunately, we did not get them because they were purely a figment of the artist’s imagination.

Since we could not get them, we will take a trip down the memory lane and recall some of those iconic cartoon cars in this story.

The Mystery Machine was the official vehicle of the cartoon show Scooby-Doo. Scooby-Doo and his friends used the car to travel to different locations and solve mysteries. Although the mystery machine was not real, it shared an uncanny resemblance with the Ford Econoline.

Speed Racer

Speed Racer was an epic cartoon that had Mifune Go, the principal character as a professional racer. The cartoon revolved around his racing career and his Mach 5 car. The Mach 5 was a convertible fast car that had long extended shrouds on the front and rear to increase the overall aerodynamics of the vehicle.


It’s a bit of personal opinion here, but the Transformers movie ruined the image of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee for many. It can be rightly said that they were way better in the cartoon series. The leader Optimus Prime was a huge long-haul truck with a blue and red paint scheme.

Everyone’s favourite Bumblebee was a junior warrior in the Autobots squad who used to transform into a yellow sports car. Surprisingly, the sports car in the cartoon looked similar to the Chevrolet Camaro.


From the house of Pixar Studios, Cars was an animated movie series that had three sequels in total. The animated movie was all about living cars and focused around Lightning McQueen, a young red race car that wanted to become a racing legend. Although the car does not exist in reality, it seemed to have been heavily inspired from the Chevrolet Corvette C6 and Corvette C1.

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