Top ten fascinating facts about Mount Everest

There are so many reasons for climbing Mount Everest. Without a doubt, one of them is to get unbelievable views from the top of Mount Everest.

If you've got an adventurous spirit, if being on the top of the planet is your dream or if you are an avid traveler, it matters not. The reason is that there are some things we're interested in regardless of how much we reveal we don't care about them. One of these things is Mount Everest.


A lot has been written about it and although we are conscious of the fact that it is the tallest mountain on the earth, there are some facts you will not find in any other editorial.

We're going to discuss a number of these facts that might convince you to attempt to scale this snow-covered mountain nowadays. For many people, climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp or to the summit of Mount Everest is on the' things to do before you die' list, just like walking along the Great Wall of China is for others.

Everest Is 60 Million-Years-Old

Situated on the border of Nepal and Tibet, Mt. Everest is almost 60 million-years-old. It is 29,029 feet tall and is continuously growing with each passing day. Yes, the height of this magnificent mountain is increasing a few millimeters each year because of geological changes. It's said that the reason behind this growth is the changing of glaciers and an American has been the first individual to discover the fact about the increasing height of Everest.

But if you're considering booking a visit to scale up Everest, which is the highest and most famous mountain on the planet, or into the Mount Everest Base Camp, then take a look at the following 10 fascinating Mount Everest facts.


Number One

The first person to climb to Mount Everest's summit were a New Zealand mountaineer Edmund Hillary an explorer, and Tensing Norgay, a Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer.

They reached the top of Mount Everest on May 29th 1953 and climbed for over seven weeks.


Number Two


The previous year that climbed to the Everest summit was far back in 1974. Since then, there have been mountaineers from across the globe who has successfully reached the mountain's top.



Number Three

Mount Everest is the maximum mountain in the world standing in an estimated 8,848 meters tall. The next greatest is K2 (8,611 meters high), third-placed is Kanchenjunga (8,586m), fourth is Lhotse (8,516m) and the fifth highest mountain on earth is the Makalu (8,485m).



Number Four

The oldest person was Yuichiro Miura at the ripe old age of 80. The Japanese mountaineer successfully climbed Mount Everest in 2013 and he successfully skied 4,200 vertical feet of this mountain down.


Number Five


The person was that the American Jordan Romero who was able to climb Everest, also called the 'mother of the universe', in May 2010.

The previous record was held when she was only 15 years old, by Ming Kipa of Nepal, who attained the summit.


Number Six

Geologists and scientists feel that taller grow as two tectonic plates that are opposing make it gradually rise.

Number Seven

Google mapped Everest in 2011. The summit couldn't be mapped but a group walked to reach Everest Base Camp whilst shooting Photographs for Google Maps.


Number Eight

British climber and explorer Bear Grylls became the first man when he climbed Everest in 2007 to fly higher than the top of the world at a powered paraglide. He was the youngest climber to reach the Everest summit back.


Number Nine

There are two main routes to also the northwest ridge, which begins in Tibet and the summit of Everest: the ridge from Nepal.


Number 10


The Khumbu icefall, the most dangerous area of the mountain.