Top Thandai Benefits for skin

Top Thandai Benefits for skin

Badam kesar thandai is one blissful thandai which has unlimited benefits to health and skin. Rejuvenating and relishing the skin through the goodness of kesar and badam (Almonds).

Thandai is a blissful drink which is derived out of the virtues of nature. A drink which has all in one and which can positively impact the body in every possible aspect. from helping the digestion to building immunity, from helping the body to balance its memory system by boosting the memory to having the properties that can help to prevent the deadliest diseases like cancer, it is a drink which has it all truly. These drinks have vital ingredients like soluble and insoluble vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, protein, omega 3 etc.

People do have ageing problems and even their skin starts to look old and wrinkled it they don’t take care of themselves. Keeping up with nutrition and proper diet is important for healthy skin. After an age of 30 body starts to get old and hence various visible factors can be seen to act as the catalyst of such a skin condition. Thandai helps to improve digestive health which indirectly supports the healthy condition of our skin. Ingredients like almonds are pivotal during pregnancy and it alsoimproves brain function. Blood pressure also gets balanced when your intake of healthy dry fruits increases. Thandai is made from various dry fruits, saffron i.e. known as kesar in Hindi and one has to add this special mixture to cold or hot milk. Nowadays these drinks are easily available and with these drinks, one can also try other natural and healthy drinks known as sharbats. Sharbats is known for quite a long time now. People love sharbats as they are healthy and pure giving us a natural way to celebrate and enjoy drinks.

Rose SyrupKhus SyrupLitchi Fruit SquashOrange Fruit SyrupPineapple Fruit SyrupMango Panna Fruit SyrupLemon Fruit SquashBrahmi Badam Dry Fruit SyrupJeera SyrupRipe Mango Fruit SyrupMasala Shikanji SyrupStrawberry Fruit Syrup

These are the types of sharbat available in the market. One does not need much to take care of their skin. The healthiest way to healthy skin is to eat healthily and drink plenty of water.

Badam kesar thandai is one blissful thandai which has unlimited benefits to health and skin. Rejuvenating and relishing the skin through the goodness of kesar and badam (Almonds).

Healthy skin through healthy drinks.

Next healthy option is sharbat, there is a various option available for sharbat which is natural as well as a healthy drink. There are various flavours made by natural fruits like lemon, strawberry, masala, pineapple, mango and many more are available in the market. One can easily buy these options from their nearest market. In India, Sharbats are considered as the drink of celebrations. These are pure drinks and that is why these drinks are significant to every celebration and every festival.

A healthy way is the right way to live life and let us not get carried away with the tasty but unhealthy drinks available in the market. Let us choose a healthy and nutritious way to refreshment through thandai and sharbat.

The sun is up and we sneak inside our homes or offices in order to avoid heat strokes, energy drain out and dehydration. Yes, this is the usual story of every person but our refreshments help us to regain that energy while hydrating it. Refreshments can be of any type, a fruit-based refreshment or milk based or even aerated drinks. One should know what he or she is consuming in order to get a feel of refreshment because there are high chances that you can make the wrong choices. So in order to avoid consuming unhealthy drinks let’s check out some better healthy options for refreshments.

Thandai and Sharbat are two natural options that can really boost up your energy levels while giving you necessary nutrients. A nutritional start our list is through Badam thandai which is enriched with Badam and vitamin E while giving the goodness of other dry fruits. These drinks are Indian born and are super nutritious helping us satisfying our energy and nutritional requirements.

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