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Trademark brand name registration is a process of registering name of the owner of the brand, logo and business in India. We are the Best trademark consultant.

Trademark Registration

Trademark registration online is nothing but getting a brand registered under a person or a group of people who own the brand or business. This Trademark are often derived for Logo, Slogan, Numerals, Graphic, Smell, Sound Mark, Phrase or a mixture of of these . Having this trademark symbols for your business, legally helps you to mark the ownership on the brand and to guard your business from a person who claims that it is their business ideas or brands.
The trademark application can be filed in a few days & the initial symbol you can get is “TM”. Meanwhile, the entire formalities of the trademark registration process can extend between 18 and 24 months. Once the trademark is approved and therefore the certificates are issued, you'll get the ® symbol next to your brand trademark. The validity for this trademark is for 10 years and it might be later extended or renewed. Apart from these, to register a trademark process in India there are a series of steps involved and a spread of symbols incorporated and here they are:

Trademark Search
Before initiating for the trademark registration, the start-up owner or a specialist should make an in depth search on the database and find the simplest trademark that suits the business. Also, this database and the search process aids to find information about whether any similar or identical trademark has been already registered which you have planned to choose for your business. This process are often administered on the Trademark Registrar Website.

Trademark Filing

As soon as completing the trademark registration process, the application can be filed with the Trademark Registrar. The application should be processed in the prescribed manner, filed with the fee for the registration process. This fee usually cost ₹ 4500 (approximately) for Individual/ Start-Up/ Small enterprises and ₹ 9000 (approximately) for other cases & these applications can be filed at any one of the Trademark Registrar offices which have jurisdiction over the state. The application for Trademark registration should have the subsequent pieces of information- Logo, Name and address, Trademark classification class and an outline of the services and goods.

Application Allotment
After the Trademark application is filed with the Registrar, an allotment number for application is provided in a day or two & this application can also be tracked through online. Anyhow, the applicant can add the TM symbol close to the logo as soon as obtaining the application allotment number.

Vienna Codification
The Vienna Codification, established by the Vienna Agreement in 1973, is an international classification of the marks which are figurative elements. As soon as the trademark registration application is filed, the Registrar will apply the Vienna codification to the trademark concerning the figurative elements of marks. When this process is in progress, the status of the application is usually referred to as ” Sent for Vienna Codification”.

Trademark Examination
As soon as the Vienna Codification process is completed, the Trademark Registration application is transferred to the Trademark officer in the Registrar office. The officer here would review the application for required information and correctness, then the trademark examination report. In addition to the present , the trademark officer has the authority to either accept or object the Trademark registration application. It solely depends on the officer’s perception of your Trademark application regarding the pieces of information and documents have been attached.
If in the least the trademark application is rejected or objected by the Trademark Officer, the applicant can raise an issue to the officer about the rationale behind the rejection. After the conversation with the officer, if he's satisfied with the justifications of the applicant, the actual Trademark are often submitted to the Trademark Journal Publication. Also, if the officer isn't satisfied with the justification given by the applicant, then the applicant has the authority to appeal before the property Appellate Board.

Journal Publication
Once the Registrar accepted the Trademark registration application filed by the applicant, the proposed Trademark are going to be posted within the Trademark Journal. This journal is published hebdomadally , and every of the approved journals by the registrar is incorporated within the journal. After this process, the general public is allowed to object against trademark publication. If not any objection filed against your Trademark within the span of 4 months (after the publication within the journal), the trademark are going to be registered officially within a month time.
If your Trademark registration application from the journal is either objected by an individual or a third-party, then a hearing are going to be conducted by the Trademark hearing examiner . Here, both the applicant and the objection-opposing party is given a chance to keep justification from their end to whether to approve the Trademark or to reject the Trademark. Based on all the points kept by the petitioners, the Trademark hearing examiner has the authority to approve or reject the Trademark. If this decision comes negative, you'll challenge the hearing examiner and escalate it to the property Appellate Board.

Trademark Approval
Once the objections are cleared on the Trademark registration, the manuscript and Trademark certificate is prepared and sent. Hence, the certificate is issued, the trademark is known to be the registered mark of yours and the ® symbol can now be replaced with the logo or trademark.

Trademark Symbols to understand Before Applying For The Registration
™ – TM Symbol ©
This symbol is put into the use when the application for a trademark has cut the trademark registry process. So, it is used to indicate that the application exists, and it is also a warning call for counter fitters.
® – R Symbol
As soon because the trademark is registered, you'll start using this symbol you’re your trademark. This symbol indicates that you simply have registered on a trademark and thus safeguarding you from infringements. Using this symbol just after the application filing process or without getting Trademark registration is against law.

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