Types of Research

The conclusion should be short, it is a summary of your research work. It should be written after the completion of your project.

Types of Research


Consider the purpose of the sections

  • The conclusion should be short, it is a summary of your research work. It should be written after the completion of your project.
  • The introduction should provide background information, indicate the importance of researching the topic, and formulate the main research questions and write my essay.
  • The literature review should include existing opinions on the selected topic.
  • The methodology represents specific methods and tools that can be used in the study and includes an appropriate sample.
  • In the conclusion, only the results are given (without any comments on them).
  • Discussion of the analysis results establishes the relationship between any of the different facts.
  • The limitations shed light on possible imperfections in research design and procedures.
  • The conclusion briefly summarizes the main points and is a mirror of your introduction.
  • Be sure to highlight the value of your research work and also mention areas for further research and write essay for me.

. Review the literature

Collecting sources and just a few words about each of them is the wrong technique. Before writing your literature review, divide your sources into groups according to the authors' positions. Make sure to include conflicting opinions and highlight gaps in the existing literature. This will make your work complete and write my essay for me.

 Use clichés for different sections

You will forget about the writing block if you use the following list of academic clichés for different parts of your academic research papers:

  • Introduction :

In recent years, there has been an increased interest in X ...;

Over the past decade, there has been a sharp increase in X ...;

Recently, X has been carefully studied;

Previously / In the past, the main purpose of X was to be/be in ...

X is an increasingly important area in ...;

In the new computerized world, X has become a central issue.

  • Literature review :

Researchers have studied the impact;

A significant amount of literature has been published;

Over the past decades, much more information about X has become available;

Much of the literature has researched ...;

Previous studies have shown that ...;

Several studies have found that ...

  • Results and discussion :

The results showed that ...;

Among the probable explanations for this phenomenon ...;

The results of the experiment indicate that ...;

The most striking finding that emerges from observation is that ...;

The data obtained are consistent with (contradict) the results of previous studies and essay writing service.

  • Conclusion :

This study showed that ...;

The second important takeaway is ...;

The results of this study show that ...;

These data can contribute to a deeper understanding of the problem ...;

This research makes important contributions to ...

 Cite your resources correctly

When referring to sources, it is not worth using the style guide as it is an outdated method; instead, consider using free online citation generators:

  • CitationMachine
  • BibMe
  • CiteFast
  • CiteThisforMe
  • RefMe
  • KnightCite

Use fluency

If you cannot make any progress in your research paper at a certain point, try writing fluently. Write the space as if you were explaining your main points to a friend. This can improve the flow of thought for your work, as well as logical reasoning and paper writing service.

 "Write drunk, edit sober"

This quote is erroneously attributed to Hemingway, but there is no official evidence that he ever said or wrote this. However, it makes a lot of sense. Put your work aside for a while and then come back to it later with a fresh mind and eliminate any typos, grammatical and stylistic mistakes.