Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Undeniable Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is that phenomenal technology that has given birth to concepts such as smart homes and self-driven cars. Today’s world is flooded with technology that will cease to exist if Artificial Intelligence is removed from the equation.

Artificial Intelligence is that phenomenal technology that has given birth to concepts such as smart homes and self-driven cars. Today’s world is flooded with technology that will cease to exist if Artificial Intelligence is removed from the equation.

That being said, even technology as amazing as this one does have its ups and downs. There are numerous aspects of Artificial Intelligence that you cannot ignore even if you try.  We thought to shed light on some of the most significant advantages and disadvantages associated with Artificial Intelligence.


Let us first have a look at what promises Artificial Intelligence has made, kept, and is promising to uphold in the upcoming future.

Never Gets Exhausted

Unlike humans, Artificial Intelligence can work tirelessly without any downtime. You do not need to worry about it needing a break or lacking due to physical limitations. In areas where you cannot rely on humans to exceed expectations, Artificial Intelligence conveniently takes charge without breaking a sweat. For instance, a human-assisted manufacturing process may be subject to employees facing fatigue and loss of morale, but an AI-enabled process is free from all such issues. With artificial intelligence, you achieve a reliable as well as a quicker process.

Speeds up Processes

Talking about speed, Artificial Intelligence can speed up all kinds of processes in business and in your homes. A task such as looking up a contact in the directory may require a person several minutes, maybe more in some rare situations, but Artificial Intelligence enables you to complete that task in mere seconds. This is just a basic example of how fast Artificial Intelligence can be. Artificial Intelligence enables automated manufacturing and quicker decision-making along with other benefits.

Enables Smart Lifestyle

Smart Lifestyle is the future now. Let’s agree, we no longer feel content with basic watches, boring audio speakers, and plain old light bulbs. Smart technology has taken over all these aspects now. From smartwatches that monitor your heartbeats to fully-functioning smart homes, everything is powered by Artificial Intelligence. It has thus made our life more secure, efficient, and comfortable at the same time.

Human-Like Processing Capabilities

One may argue with this certain aspect, but Artificial Intelligence is capable of thinking and acting like humans to some extent. Artificial Intelligence is capable of solving complex equations, power fully-functioning bionic hands, and much more. Moreover, the need for assistants in office environments has somewhat reduced. All tasks that assistants used to do once such as scheduling meetings and keeping track of all your appointments, can now be done by AI-powered virtual assistants like Siri and Amazon Alexa.


Artificial Intelligence also poses some serious threats. While the potential is tempting, the threat is equally concerning.

Very Expensive

The technology we have today is affordable such as a high-speed internet service like Suddenlink internet, which you can subscribe to on the BuyTVInternetPhone. However, since Artificial Intelligence technology is new and still in development, it costs an arm and leg. If you decide to introduce this technology in your organization or even in your home, you will have to face significant installation and heavy maintenance costs on a regular basis.

It still is Not a Human

No matter how evolve this technology may be, it is simply not possible for it to ever replace a human mind. An artificial being can never fully understand human traits such as emotion, morals, ethics, all of which are highly valued attributes in any scenario. They may be ahead of humans in logical thinking, and faster responses, but there are still some aspects where they lack human ability.

Still Lacks Creativity

If you need millions of copies of a simple object manufactured at a rapid pace, Artificial Intelligence may be the best option for you. However, if you require original and innovative masterpieces that spark emotions such as joy and inspiration in humans,  you will always need to turn to a human being.

Causes Unemployment

This technology may not be able to completely take a human’s place, but it is still completely capable of reducing the need for human involvement. Now that the world is home to technological giants like Tesla, Google, and numerous others, where AI is dominating the show, people who are not that tech-savvy do face serious unemployment issues. Artificial Intelligence requires people to advance in more technical skills rather than the skills that require physical labor.

The Bottom Line

You may consider any technology in the world, there will always be a good and a bad side to it. The decision you need to take is what you are willing to compromise in order to gain what. With Artificial Intelligence; it does offer significant potential for growth, but at the same time, poses some serious threat as well.

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