Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring An Ideal Flooring Options for Residential Areas

Flooring is the first thing everybody notices as soon as they enter into a residential or a commercial building.

Flooring is the first thing everybody notices as soon as they enter into a residential or a commercial building. Thus, it is prudent to invest money in good flooring so that it lasts long and even appeals to onlookers. Amongst so many flooring options available in the marketplace, vinyl flooring is the new one. It is kind of resilient flooring that uses vinyl material instead of common materials like rubber, plastic or PVC. This kind of flooring either comes in the form of floor tiles or in the sheet flooring style, and applied on the surface using vinyl adhesive.

In the sheet flooring style, one sheet is usually 6 to 12 feet wide, easy to install and even water-resistant. The vinyl tile comes in different sizes with a minimum size of 9 square inches. The tile gives the look of ceramic tile but it is a cheaper option. Some people look for luxury tiles having stone or wood like appearance and usually come in plank shapes. All styles of vinyl flooring have 3 types of finishes, which are as follows:

1. Urethane Finish: This kind of finish can withstand with moderate traffic and it is durable also. It is easy to clean, maintain and resistant to scuffling.

2. Vinyl no-wax finish: This is the lightest kind of finishing and is suitable to use in those areas which are the least exposed to moisture and dirt. The vinyl tiles with no-wax finish are ideal to install in moderate foot traffic areas.

3. Enhanced Urethane Finish: This is the heaviest kind of finishing and is suitable to install in heavy foot traffic areas. The best features of such tiles are they are scratch and stain resistant and maintain its sheen even without minimal care.

In the last few years, vinyl flooring in Toronto gained immense popularity both as the most sought-after flooring option for commercial and residential buildings. It is because this flooring offers scores of advantages. The advantages are as follows:

1. An Economical Option: The cost of per square foot of vinyl flooring is the most economical as compared to cost of ceramic flooring, stone or wood. Moreover, if a person purchases these floorings in bulk sizes, he further gets good discount. This flooring is not only economical but easy to install as well. It is easy to install over existing vinyl and over plywood, hardwood and concrete.

2. Durable: If maintained properly, vinyl flooring stays in intact position for 10-20 years. It is scratch and stain resistant and is ideal to install in heavy foot traffic areas in homes. Because of high durability, it is recommended to install in kitchens, family rooms, basements, bathrooms, etc.

3. Design: Vinyl flooring is a versatile flooring option because it is available in nearly endless designs. It is available in different patterns and colors that you can combine as per your choice. For instance, solid and composite vinyl makes a great combination and so on.

4. Low Maintenance: You need not to make extra effort to clean these tiles. Simply sweeping the floor for removing grit and dirt and them mopping the entire floor will retain its original and shining look.
5. Vinyl Repairs: Because it is a highly durable flooring, thus if you choose high-quality vinyl sheet flooring, you need not to make frequent repair expenses. On the other hand, if you have chosen low-quality vinyl, it is susceptible to tears and rips over time.

These are some of the main reasons that make vinyl flooring as one of the best options for residential areas. You need to contact the nearest Vinyl Flooring dealer in Toronto if you are looking for the best deal.

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