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Planning to install solar energy in Perth? Why is investing in solar energy in Perth a wise decision? What are the benefits of solar energy in Perth? What is the cost of a solar system in Perth?

Using solar energy in Perth is beneficial because Perth gets sunlight of 8.8 hours. This solar energy can then be converted into electrical energy. Solar energy can be captured in many ways. The most common way to capture and utilize solar energy is with the help of photovoltaic solar panels.

Apart from using photovoltaic solar panels to generate electricity, solar energy can also be used in thermal applications to generate heat for fluids/ indoor spaces. Hence, be it for commercial or residential space, the owners can install solar energy in Perth.

Solar energy is installed at three main scales:-

  •  Residential solar systems

You can install solar systems at your residential space for solar energy in Perth. It can be easily installed at the rooftops of the residential area or on the open land. The scale is normally between 5-20 kilowatts. It also depends upon the size of the residential area.

  • Commercial solar systems

The commercial solar system is installed on larger scales. The individual installation may vary greatly in size. The main advantage of installing a solar system is to give solar power for non-profits and on-site business.

  • Utility

Projects on utility-scale solar energy are generally large, about a several megawatt (MW) installation. It will provide and generate solar energy for wide utility consumers.

Tips to choose the best solar systems in Perth

1. Considering the cost

Like any other sector, using solar energy in Perth or SMA inverters in Perth is quite competitive. There are numerous options available in the market. Hence, you can easily compare the pricing and avail of the best solar system in Perth.

2. Assess the efficiency of the solar system.

The efficiency of the solar system is another important consideration. This gives an indication of the requirement of sunlight for the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. 

3. Co-efficiency of the temperatures.

The heat tends to play a major impact on the efficiency of solar systems in Perth. Overheating of the solar systems accelerates the aging of the solar system in Perth. If you are seeking a solar system that stays and works for a longer period of time, then you must take a step to check the low percentage per degree Celsius of the solar system in Perth.

4. Long-term warranties

It is always better if you check for the solar installers/ manufacturers who offer maximum durability and warranty of solar systems in Perth. These days usually installers/ manufacturers come up with a long-term warranty period, typically up to a period of 25 years. If you during your search for the solar system come across manufactures/ installers who do not provide you with long-term warranties, then consider it as a warning signal. No matter how much good the price seems, it is always better to look and approach for better options. 

Note:- If you come across manufacturers/ dealers/ installers/ suppliers who offer a warranty period of 25 years, then hire them. 

Below mentioned are some of the frequently asked question by clients:-

What should be the size of the solar system for residential purposes?

The size of the solar system depends upon the electricity you need and when you use it. as a guide, a typical residential space requires 20kWh of energy per day.  

Final Note

To conclude, you can earn and get the best deals of solar systems in Perth. All you have to do is just check the reviews and testimonials of the installers/ manufacturers. 

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The author is a solar project manager at DNX Energy, the leading suppliers, and manufacturers of solar systems in Perth and Australia. In his free time, the author spends time in conducting seminars, and workshops to make people aware of the renewable resources.

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