What a Woman Needs to Be Over the Moon Happy

Read everything you need to know about the happiness in one woman.

There are two types of satisfied women: happy and over the moon happy. Let me elaborate on this. Every satisfied woman is a happy one. And vice versa – every happy woman finds satisfaction in various things in her life. Success and joy are the perfect combos that can put a smile on every woman. The reason for this happiness can be lots of different things, mostly short moments of pure joy like buying her favorite perfume half the price or finishing a project at work quickly and getting commended for it.

When it comes to the second type of a satisfied woman, things are getting more interesting. Over the moon happy women are easy to spot – their smile doesn’t leave their face, their aura is so positive so that it pulls everyone towards them and great things are happening for them day after day. How is such a state possible? Well, here is a list of everything a woman needs to be that happy.

A Job That Fulfils Her

Let’s start with the job. Every woman who has her career path envisioned and working on it is a woman who is happy to be independent and successful. Making her own money and indulging in different kinds of delights for which she is able to pay on her own is what makes a woman over the moon happy. Having the freedom to choose what she wants and how she wants it is a strong determiner of her happiness, and having a career that pays for it all is what she needs.

A Clique of Ride Or Die Friends

Women are even more powerful when they get together in a clique. Surrounding herself with women who think alike, she will be unstoppable. The unconditional support, the long sleepover nights and wine parties, are just a part of their everyday life, and all the positivity that comes out of such a relationship will only give her motivation and strength to fight any obstacles on her way to success.

A Flawless Look and a Bit of Fashion

The physical appearance is another factor that makes her self-confidence off the charts. A makeup bag full of a dramatic mascara, a bold eyeliner and a palette of eyeshadows will transform the eyes into a piece of art. While the lip plumping products will create the perfectly plump lips and the lip gloss that makes the lips juicy to kiss are the must-have products that will help her get the flawless look any time of the day. Add to it a healthy diet that will ensure the durability of the fresh look and some pieces of clothes fresh from the runway and you have the winning combo. Who will dare to stop her ego?

A Reliable and Understanding Boyfriend

Of course, a woman can always be a better version of herself when she has a little bit of romance in her life. A boyfriend who is supportive and trustworthy is a reason plus for her to be happy. Dare we mention that the boyfriend should also be a passionate lover who knows how to please her and open the world of the wildest fantasies for her.

The Bottom Line

Surely, there are lots of other things that can make a woman happy. And that is individual for each one of them. Little things, big surprises, regardless, every woman can find her source of happiness in different things. However, the list above is a proven recipe that she will be ecstatic. Believe me when I say that because it's proven by many scientific types of research and personally by me.

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