AI in Robotics

What are the Current Challenges to Develop the Machine Learning Based AI Robotics?

When robots are well-trained enough to detect different types of objects and became capable enough to take actions accordingly, then it becomes AI robotics.

Robotics is one of the most innovative development of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Earlier it was performing the repetitive types of tasks where there no changes in the pattern. But now, thanks to machine learning, the AI robotics are becoming more inelegant with self-decision making capability to perform different types of tasks or action without human intervention.

AI in Robotics

When robots are well-trained enough to detect different types of objects and became capable enough to take actions accordingly, then it becomes AI robotics. From automotive manufacturing to agriculture and warehousing, there are various sectors AI robotics is playing a big role in completing the necessary task at higher efficiency with better accuracy.

Machine Learning in Robotics         

To develop the AI robotics, machine learning technology is used by the machine learning engineers. And to train the machine learning algorithms to build the robotics, huge amount of training data is required. The training data for machine learning contains the labeled training data to make the certain things like objects recognizable in various scenarios for right predictions.

Problems in AI Robotics Development

In machine learning based AI robotics developments, huge amount of data sets required, as it is the only key input helps ML algorithm learn from sources and utilize the information at the time of prediction. So, training data related there are multiple challenges you need to know, so that overcome such challenges and make your AI robotics model trouble-free.

Quality of Training Data for AI Robotics

The first and foremost important factor while choosing the data sets for machine learning projects you need to keep in the mind about the quality of data set. Actually, if the data is not correct or not suitable for the model, your ML model will not give you accurate results.

Suppose, if you are develop the robotics for agriculture purpose to pluck the plants automatically, after checking the fructify level of the plants like vegetables and fruits. Then the training data should contains the labeled data of different types of fruits and vegetables, so that robotics can recognize the right plants when used in real-life and take right actions.  

Quantity of Training Data for AI Robotics

Similarly, the quantity of training data set is also very important to make sure your ML model get the enough data for right learning. Actually, in real-life a machine can face different types of scenarios, so that it can give the right result in different situations. Hence, getting the huge amount of training data for AI robotic is also a very challenging tasks for the machine learning engineers.

Choosing the Right Algorithm for Robotics

To train the AI robotics ML algorithms are used as per the training data availability and model compatibility. And if algorithm is not suitable it will also become difficult for the machine learning engineers to develop the right AI robotics model. And there are different types of ML algorithms you can use to make your AI robotics model more successful and efficient.      

How to Get High-quality of Large Training Data for Robotics?

The last and most challenging task of AI and ML in Robotic development is collecting the high-quality of huge training data sets. Actually, to train the computer vision based AI model, you need a labeled training data set so, that it can be understandable or capable to recognize the objects.

And for computer vision AI model image annotation services is also available that makes the object of interest recognizable for machine learning. In image annotation the objects are not recognizable unless it is highlighted or outlined with shaded colors to make the object recognizable in various scenarios.        

Cogito is one of the leading data annotation company, provides image annotation services for AI robotics development. Cogito provides training data set for machine learning and AI related projects for different fields like healthcare, retail, agriculture and automotive sector with high accuracy. It can produce the hue quantity of data sets with scalable solution for right prediction by AI model. For AI robotics training data you can rely on the Cogito to develop the world-class model.

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