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What are the different types of motorcycle riding clothes included in motorcycle riding gear?

Motorcycle riding gear mainly consists of all the protective items that are put on by the motorcycle riders to protect them from motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycles are not only a means of transportation in the twenty-first century. Many people take it as a hobby and it is also grown as a professional sport. Millions are spent by companies’ owners and sponsors on motorcycle races. As motorcycle riders can reach the speeds 250 miles per hour in races, any fall at such speeds can result in serious damage. That’s why the motorcycle companies invest a lot of money in the making of motorcycle riding gear.

Motorcycle riding gear mainly consists of all the protective items that are put on by the motorcycle riders to protect them from motorcycle accidents. These also include the regular clothing items made up of protective and durable materials like leather, Kevlar, and Cordura to make them into special motorcycle riding clothes. These clothing items look exactly like normal clothes but are very protective in nature. They also come with armors to protect the riders from getting fractures.

Here is a list of motorcycle riding clothes in the motorcycle riding gear:

·         Motorcycle shirts:

The motorcycle shirts are generally protective shirts made up of materials like Kevlar. They can be designed in many ways. They can be worn over casual shirts over other motorcycle clothing like motorcycle pants or jeans. Motorcycle shirts can be button-down casual shirts or can be t-shirts of full sleeves.

·         Motorcycle pants:

Motorcycle pants are the most important item in motorcycle riding clothes. These motorcycle pants can be motorcycle jeans, cargo pants, or sweatpants. The legs of the motorcycle rider are mostly injured during the motorcycle accidents. That’s why motorcycle pants should be protective and abrasion-resistant.

·         Motorcycle jackets:

Motorcycle jackets are most probably the first item in the motorcycle riding gear. The motorcycle jackets are made up of different kinds of materials but mostly leather and Kevlar. They are very good for motorcycle racing. They protect the riders at high-speed accidents. Also, they provide great insulation in cold-weather motorcycle rides.

·         Motorcycle hoodies:

Motorcycle hoodies also perform the same function as motorcycle jackets in motorcycle riding clothes. They are usually casual zippers to be worn over motorcycle shirts. These motorcycle hoodies often come with armors to protect the elbows and shoulders from getting fractured.

·         Motorcycle sweatshirts:

Motorcycle sweatshirts are generally long hemmed crew neck shirts. They are usually made up of some comfortable material like cotton then lined with protective material like Kevlar. They are made to protect the trunk by wrapping itself around the skin of the rider for the protection of internal organs.

·         Motorcycle gloves:

Motorcycle gloves are also an important item in motorcycle riding gear. They are made up of goat leather or Kevlar. The armor in the gloves also protects the knuckles and the wrist bone from breaking. They also keep the hands of the motorcycle rider insulated from the harsh weather.


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