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What are the SEO trends for 2020?

Together with specialists from the field, we have listed the 5 most important trends for you. Everything in one clear overview, so that you are fully informed and optimize according to the top trends of the moment or hire an SEO company for the same.

Together with specialists from the field, we have listed the 5 most important trends for you. Everything in one clear overview, so that you are fully informed and optimize according to the top trends of the moment or hire an SEO company for the same. 
Top SEO trends for 2020

These are the top SEO trends for 2020 according to the specialists in the field:

  • Small keyword variations less important
  • New ways to search
  • Featured Snippets: Faster response
  • EAT: Expertise, Authority & Trust
  • Understanding the (purchase) intention


The way in which we as a specialist SEO company deal with search terms is still changing every day. About 5 to 10 years ago it was still very common to return the keywords up to 5x Per 100 words, something that is unthinkable nowadays. This paragraph has roughly that number of words, which means that it should contain the same term 5 times. You can imagine that it would not improve readability, something that Google has luckily found out. 

The number of search terms per text is lower than ever, while the search engines are still well aware of what the pages are about. And just as interesting, it has become less valuable to create unique pages for each variation of a search term. By writing a strong story about it on 1 page and adding an infographic and a video, for example, a much stronger whole is created. The concrete use of the search terms has thus become less important, while the strategic approach has gained in value. 


New ways to search -The way we search for products and services is changing. We type in different terms than before, use different devices, and contradict them instead of entering typed commands. These are three major changes that have an effect on successful SEO. On our smartphone, we search very sales-oriented, so the terms are often more concrete than on a desktop where we like to be inspired. And do we search by voice? We usually do this very specifically and with longer keyword combinations. It is important to respond to this with SEO, for example by organizing landing pages differently and looking for a clear purchase intention within keyword research. Top class SEO services are all you required to make your website visible on search results. 

Featured Snippets: faster reply - The speed with which we want to find answers is increasing, and that is something Google is happy to provide. The search engine immediately answers the search query by means of Featured Snippets, at the very top of the search results.

It is an extract of one of the results, immediately presented on the search results page (SERP). It offers the visitor the opportunity to get an immediate answer to the question, without having to click through (in practice, many users appear to click on that first result correctly). 

It is one of the SEO trends to keep a close eye on because it requires a different structure of content. In particular, lists and factual answers to questions seem to do well. The structure is therefore different from that of an inspiring blog, where the atmosphere and the story are very important. 

EAT: Expertise, Authority & Trust - Authority seems to be increasingly important throughout all parts of SEO services and should therefore not be missing from the top SEO trends. The EAT principle in particular has been gaining popularity recently. It stands for:

  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trust

It is important to exhibit a great deal of expertise online by showing that you know what you are talking about. In this way, you grow into an online authority, something that greatly benefits the appreciation of the website by Google and Bing. Ultimately, this is how you build trust, something that your website immediately benefits from when it comes to positions in the search results. 

Understanding the (purchase) intention - Finally, within the SEO trends for 2020, it is important to understand a user's intention to buy. Someone looking for inspiration is not looking for a product page, while someone with a purchase intention would rather not be presented with a blog. By thinking carefully about this, you adjust the type of content to the intention of the user. This leads to better answers that match what someone is looking for at that moment. 

Optimize according to the SEO trends for 2020

Do you want to optimize your website according to the SEO trends for 2020? We would like to show you which trends are currently playing and how you can take advantage of them. We are an award-winning best SEO company having expert senior SEO consultants, with over 7 years of experience with agencies, in-house, and also as a freelancer.  

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