What Does the Bible Say About Tarot Cards?

Are tarot cards spiritual? Know what does the bible say about tarot card reading? Explore the truth about tarot cards reading shared by tarot prediction app.

Can Tarot Cards predict the future? Is it ok for a Christian to own tarot cards? Are Tarot Cards a sin? Can God speak through tarot cards? 

For a strong believer or Christian, using tarot cards and reading tarot cards for the future is still a great taboo. There are many different views on tarot card predictions. Some believe it as sorcery, some as mere predictions, some support it and some have no idea what it is all about. 

Being a Christian, I have also encountered many beliefs that split me into two halves- Are tarot cards evil or reading tarot cards is spiritual? These questions have boggled my mind and I could not understand whether should I believe in tarot cards or not? Fortunately, I have found the answer and here is the quick sneak to what I have found about tarot cards and its readings from the eyes of Christian verses of the Bible.

What are Tarot Cards? 

Tarot Cards are the mystic ancient art that has been originated at the end of 14 century. It used a deck of 78 cards, each engraved with special images, symbols, and story. Tarot Cards readers used these imageries to interpret the predictions and predict the future of the querent. These cards have been used popularly for foretelling, spiritual healing and getting answers to all the questions related to love, career, finance, people, health or past events, etc. 

It is believed that at the beginning, tarot cards were used as playing cards and it was way later in the 18 century when it gained popularity as the tool of the occult. The cards are said to contain “prominent Christian symbolism and the burials found in Ireland share its significance in Paganism and Christianity. 

In the modern context, the tarot cards serve as the main tool for getting guidance and connecting intuitions of the querent for finding the answers. The tarot cards reading allows the querent to explore their future and make the right decisions based on their past and present events. Nowadays, people use tarot card prediction app for reading their tarot and getting guidance for every aspect of their life. Best Tarot apps like Tarot Life allow people to get answers to all their love, career and finance problems at one tap for free, making tarot reading easy and accurate and instant. 

How Do Tarot Cards work?

Tarot cards work with intuitions of the reader. While taking the reading, the querent asks or think of a question and pick the card- one, two or more based on the tarot spread. The tarot cards reader or tarot card prediction app interprets the chosen card and shares the deep insights into the situation based on the imageries and symbols engraved on the cards. 

Tarot Cards offers the querent new perspective and makes them look at the bigger picture with clarity. The tarot prediction app shares the upcoming challenges, confirm your thoughts and give possible solutions for your problems. And, all this works when you use your intuitions and decide how to use tarot cards in your daily life.

What does the Bible Say About Tarot Cards? 

Are tarot cards demonic? Can tarot card attract spirits? Is Tarot card reading spiritual? Is it a sin to go to a tarot card reader? Answers to all these questions can be found with the Bible. 

Many Christians believe that divination, sorceries, and spiritual conducts shared in the bible verses of old and new testaments are exactly an indication towards tarot cards- This is false. The Holy Bible was written prior to the origin of Tarot cards, some prior to 1 AD which is a thousand years before the Bible. Besides, the Bible was modified a number of times, especially in the time of Martin Luther King to get rid of all the evil facts interpreted by then affluent classes. If you look deeper into the history of facts, you will find that tarot cards have long been associated with the Churches and commissioned by the Popes in the Middle ages. Thus, there is no fact that tarot cards are mentioned or any kind of related to demonic or witchcraft acts. 

  • Exploring the Truth of Tarot Cards with Bible Verses

According to Deuteronomy, the Mosaic Law, 18:10,” There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination, practice of magic or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead.” 

When I read the above words, I had gone through many tarot card reading books and understood the real facts about tarot cards and what the Bible wants to say to me. This is what I understood. 

The Bible asks you to not go with divination or foretelling or omen interpretation or sorcerer or necromancer. Although Tarot cards are termed as a divination tool, it doesn’t come with any magic. In my opinion, it is an intuitive tool that allows you to gain higher wisdom about your current circumstances and shares a possibility of what should be done or not.  It doesn’t influence about dark things or opting wrong or doing sins. Tarot Cards asks you to adapt to changes and get clarity for doing good. It doesn’t interpret omens and not used as sorcery or a medium or necromancer thing. It is a tool of intuition as the best Tarot prediction apps say.  


How tarot cards are interpreted and how do you read tarot cards completely depends upon the tarot cards readers. Getting good intentions and good intuitions are rare. And, if you do not want to not get stuck with any evil tarot reader, you should use tarot card reading apps like Tarot Life- unbiased and trusted. 

Verdict- Should We Believe in Tarot Card Reading or Not?

Tarot is a powerful tool that picks your energy and shows what you need to know about your life. With tarot card reading, you access your intuitions and connect with the pictures of cards, read tarot card meanings and try to get clarity over the best course of action.

It is not witchcraft. It is you, finding your answers within. God has created you in His image and He has shared His wisdom with you. Tarot card is just a way to access that Higher wisdom. It is not the word of God but the introspection to your soul so that you could use logics and choose the right path.  

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