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What Human Resource Management Tools Are Necessary for a Business?

The human resource department of an office is among the most important parts of an organization. It deals with managing the process, employees and company goals. To enhance the process of HR management, HRMS software can be very beneficial.


But there is no single software that is designed to support all the requirements and functions of the human resource team. This means that there are multiple types of software that are required in a business to help streamline the process. Here are some of the important ones that we believe can help a business boost their growth.

Applicant Tracking System

Traditionally, human resource managers used to keep all the data and details of employees either as a hard copy of different documents on different computers. These data were only accessible to them locally. With the advancement in technology, employers and managers can now use HR softwares that can help ease the burden on the HR team. One of them is Applicant tracking software.


Applicant tracking software can help process hob applicants from different websites postings and process resumes and track interviews of applicants who applied for the job. The sheer volume of resumes received by any Human resource team outnumbers the capacity of the HR team to process them in due time. 


This could lead to missing out on some potential employees who might be skilled enough for the job. To remedy this, using ATS in your workforce can help reduce the repetitive processes and ease the process of finding the right candidate for a position.


The human resource team can automate the process of resume screens with the help of keywords and questions. This can lead to an improvement in the hiring process of an organization.

Candidate Relationship Management

CRM or candidate relationship management is a software that is designed for the human resource team to recruit candidates with the help fo talent pools. It also allows them to nurture potential candidates through recruitment marketing, i.e using practices such as HR analytics tools. These tools allow managers to target candidates based on the job requirement.


CRM software focuses on a bigger pool of potential candidates as compared to applicant tracking software which only allows you to manage the candidates who have applied or are looking for a specific job.


With CRM you can find candidates who might have not applied for a position but are still skilled enough for the position with their skills.

Recruitment Management Software

Human resource managers have to spend a lot of time while sweeping through the resumes and finding the right candidate for an interview. Then they’ll arrange interviews of the potential candidates and eliminate the ones that are not qualified. This process can be very tiring and sometimes can lead to missing out on employees who might have been more qualified than the ones appeared for the interview. 


To overcome this, HR managers can use recruitment management software that can help streamline the interviewing process by selecting the candidates who have the profile to be most qualified for the job. This can reduce the burden and speed up the recruitment process.

Attendance Management Software

Tracking employee attendance can be tedious which might lead to mistakes while calculation the payroll. There are incidents when employees even try to manipulate attendance. This can be avoided if a business implements Attendance management software into its workforce. 

Not only it will allow HR managers to manage attendance, leaves, and payroll of employees, it will also offer employees a chance to manage their own leaves without the need to bug the HR again and again. They can just apply through the software for leaves and attendance approvals and the HR manager will be able to coordinate with the head of the department and approve or disapprove them.

Performance Management Software

HR managers can manage the performance of employees with the help of performance management software. It allows them and the employees to track their performance through the year and see where improvements are required. 


Based on the data they receive; HR managers can then plan techniques that can help employees improve their performance a lot. This will lead to better employee engagement and HR managers can focus on achieving the goals set by the organization.

These were some essential HCM software that every business needs to implement today to overcome the limitation that can arise otherwise. If you as an HR manager are looking for better management of all the processes within the company than including these tools can be really beneficial.

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