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Basically every people thinking non-voice process job and call center job is similar type of job. but this type of your thinking is wrong because call center job is you will handle telephone calls and solve the customer problem but non voice job staffs are do other non-technical work.

You are non-technical background fresher or graduate candidate and you are thinking which non-technical job is better for you. And you will work in bpo and telecaller job because you are thinking this job is similar of non-voice process job. But non voice job and telecaller job is totally different job. Non voice job has you will work in non-technical part.

What is non-voice job?

Basically bpo and telecaller job are classified in to two types. There are voice process job and non-voice process job. Voice process job you will handle phone calling with customers either inbound telemarketing or outbound telemarketing. Non-voice process job you will work in desktop and internet like chat support, email handling and message etc.

Non voice job staffs will work in back office. This process does not need to receive or make a telephone call to the customer. This non-voice process job need the skill for typing and the ability to understand of query for making the right processing. This non-voice process job is very important process for handling customer problem through emails and chat support.

Which is better voice or non-voice process job?

In this pandemic time, telecalling and call center offering voice based services in several part of the country. Fresher or graduate candidate with minimum skills and training could get in to bpo and telecaller job offering voice call services, inbound call support and outbound telemarketing. However, soon the company reached last level and this was difficult for organization to retain clients.

Many non-technical organizations transgressed towards non-voice based services such as accounting outsourcing, human resources outsourcing, IT outsourcing, etc. in this time market for non-voice services is high demand and is expected to grow to faster as it is still in the growth stage unlike voice based services. However, many services as recruitment are not complete without voice based services. In my point of view non-voice process job is better than voice process job.

What are the skills required for non-voice job?

  • Strong communication skills in written as well as verbal.
  • Good typing skills for non-voice process job.
  • You have patience to work in both day sift and night shift.
  • Good personality skills.

Is there any growth in non-voice process? 

Yes there is growth in non-voice process job. Any type of bpo jobs work from home and telecaller  job you apply in they provide you that opportunity of learning something’s new and improving the conversation skills you already have. In non-voice process job you would be able to improve your typing skills, attention to details, accuracy, efficiency, ability and capable to meet with deadlines.

What is the difference between non-voice & call center job?

The main difference is voice based job or call center job you will handle mobile phone calls and deals with customer or solve the customer query. But non-voice process job you don’t receive any phone calls and deals with customer because you will involves work in desktop or computer and internet such as email handling and chat support etc.

Every people thinking wrong but this blog you know what is your mistake and wrong thinking. Now you are understand these two jobs is totally different and if you are interested to work in this fields then will give best and genuine job in reputed company. Also you will happily settle with holding a good position.

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