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What is a pre-accounting program?

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While accounting as a general term constitutes one of the basic needs for every business, frequently confused concepts are pre-accounting and general accountants near me. However, these two concepts are completely separate from each other and contain different points. Although performing general accounting within a company is a legal obligation, it has an external structure.

Within the scope of the accounting processes carried out within the business, first of all, ' What is pre-accounting?' The question must be answered. Within the scope of this transaction, the bank accounts, current account and cash account of the enterprise are followed. Providing invoice transactions, personnel payrolls, tracking stocks and securities are included in these accounting transactions.

This system, which can be defined as the internal accounting of the company, is obtained by means of records in order to keep the company's own operation and daily activities in a certain order. In other words, although it is provided to carry out the control of all elements that create material value, it does not include the legally required points by the state. It is realized as an application that increases productivity for the company.

Although these concepts are related to creating preliminary accounting transactions one by one, a wider system can be obtained by explaining each separately.

  • Considering the follow-up of the cash best accountants near me at the first stage, follow-up operations are provided for the cash values ​​owned by the business. In other words, cash inflows and outflows are processed in a moving manner according to time by keeping a cash book or cash note. The collections and payments are monitored through the cash register and the monitoring of the cash is provided.
  • Keeping track of current accounts can be seen as following up customer accounts. Every business should follow the customers it works with and keep track of the borrowing points related to the goods or services they sell. In other words, borrowings made in terms of both sales transactions and goods or services purchased from vendors are followed in the current account.
  • One of the other important points is the execution of invoice and delivery note for the business. At this point, ' How to make a pre-accounting invoice?' The question constitutes an important point. A business invoices its customers to include their VAT values ​​for the goods or services they sell. In the opposite case, it receives invoices for the goods or services it receives. In this context, tracking is provided for incoming invoices, outgoing invoices and documents within the framework of invoice and delivery note transactions.
  • It is a very important point to keep track of the company's stocks. In order to realize production or service, the enterprise provides goods and these supplied goods are recorded with the entry process. Then, when the goods are used or consumed, a reduction is made from the remaining goods. In this way, by performing stock follow-up, decreasing and exhausted goods or increasing goods can be determined. This process is performed by matching with invoice tracking.
  • Cash amounts on hand or not can be determined by following the bank accounts belonging to the enterprise. In addition, one of the transactions that can be done together in this context is to control the securities owned by the enterprise and to perform follow-up transactions. Again, one of the important points, the process of tracking the checks and bills you have can be carried out through the bank. When and with what the checks and bills amount will be collected or how the payment will be made should be followed.
  • As a final point, it is necessary to follow up the wages of every personnel working in the enterprise. In other words, thanks to internal accounting, payrolls are prepared and overtime wages are determined. Studies such as determining insurance and other health expenses are carried out.

Pre-accounting according to business scales

This study, which can be called as in-house accounting, can be applied by means of a different system within the internal order of each company. In other words, businesses implement these accounting applications with a different scale depending on their size and size. In this context, first of all, how businesses are classified according to their scales should be determined.

Although there are many different literature examples in the context of classifying businesses according to their scales, a classification has been provided according to quantitative and qualitative characteristics, especially by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. For example for quantitative classification;

  • Number of employees,
  • Balance,
  • Sales Amount,
  • It takes into account points such as earnings.

In terms of qualitative classification, independence is usually taken into accountancy firm in slough. Likewise, the most important scale in business classifications is the independence measure taken into account in terms of qualitative classification. Turkey in the general framework of the SME scale qualitative and quantitative classifications such as Europe and America performs bringing people together.


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