What is food hygiene? Certificates, Classifications And Conditions

Level 3 food hygiene Food & Allergen Awareness course online course from Intellelearn Training is the only triple-accredited food hygiene & Food Hygiene level 3 for Retail training course certificate available.

Food hygiene standards are very strict for commercial food and restaurant companies. And with good reason. If quality is allowed to decline, it could jeopardise its reputation as a food and business quality, and in extreme cases, it could jeopardise the health of its customers. As a food business, it is important that you understand your legal duties well and follow the letter law to the best of your ability.

We’ve put together this guide to commercial food hygiene regulations, certifications and inspections, so you can determine exactly what to do and when. We will cover:

What is food hygiene?

‘Food hygiene’ is the general term given to the conditions and processes that are necessary to ensure that food is safe. Food can be contaminated, that is, damaged or unsafe by bacteria or foodborne illness, at any stage of the supply chain, from production to consumption. In relation to the commercial food business that provides consumers at the end of the supply chain, food hygiene is primarily about how food is stored, handled, prepared and cooked. ۔

When proper measures are not followed, it can lead to food borne illness, which can cause serious illness to customers. And your business can be held responsible. This is why it is so important to follow best food hygiene practices. If you are opening a restaurant, or any type of commercial food business that offers food to the public, you will need to introduce good food cleaning practices from scratch.

After the amendment – Food Standards Act of 2010. The Food Standards Agency is responsible for all food standards. The goal is to protect public health in relation to food at any point in the supply chain, which always serves the interests of the consumer. The purpose of this amendment was to establish as the central regulatory agency for all food safety issues, and to give them the option to work effectively in the interest of consumers.

Our course leads to a recognized and approved Level 3 qualification and is not just an online certificate. This Local Authority Approved Food Hygiene Level 3 course is essential for anybody wanting to advance their career in the catering and hospitality sectors. The course is also ideal for people running their own business and wanting to operate legally and safely.

This Local Authority Approved HACCP Level 3 course is essential for anybody wanting to develop their careers with an internationally recognised qualification. This online course is for professionals and Business Owners in the food sector and is designed to help you understand what is involved in a successful HACCP food safety management system.

This online RoSPA Level 3 Health and Safety course will provide professionals with a thorough understanding of Health and Safety. This is a major qualification for any person including those wishing to make Health and Safety their chosen career.

This Beer Styles course covers all aspects of the style and type of beer. It teaches the bar professionals everything they need to know in order to talk to their customer with knowledge and confidence. The learner will be able to discuss the differences between a fruity IPA and a saison; a chocolate porter and a sour beer. It really teaches the bar professional what they need to know about beer!

This Health and Safety Level 2 course is ideal for all employees, not just H&S specialists, as it helps learners develop a greater understanding of health and safety issues and the role that everyone plays in maintaining a safe working environment.

Great beer service starts with the basics: clean and proper glassware, a proper pour, and beer that hasn’t been ruined by improper handling. This Keeping and Serving Beer course is the difference between an average bartender and a professional.


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