What is ghostwriting and what services does a ghostwriter provides?

Ghostwriting is not a new phenomenon, but because of the rapid rise of Content Marketing, its practice has become popular exponentially. It is worth understanding what it is and how it influences the work of the freelance editor.

Ghostwriting is not a new phenomenon, but because of the rapid rise of Content Marketing, its practice has become popular exponentially. It is worth understanding what it is and how it influences the work of the freelance editor.


Ghostwriting or a ghost writer refers to the trade of writing any type of text (book, article, review, etc.) for a third party in exchange for an economic compensation and without waiting for any official credit in the publication, which usually appears in the name of the contracting party.

As already noted, it is not something new. It is said that throughout the history several celebrities have hired the ghostwriting services of professional writers in order to write their autobiographies, articles and even literary works.

These authors who write for third parties are called Ghostwriters (ghost writers), and they are credited with the production of several Best Sellers signed by renowned characters from the show and the lyrics.

How it influences the work of the freelance editor

In recent years, the effectiveness of Content Marketing to position websites and increase conversions significantly triggered the demand for freelance writers. Entrepreneurs hire their services because they don't have the time to dedicate themselves to writing permanently, or because they don't have the necessary skills to do it properly,

To these writers, in a way you can compare them with Ghostwriters because most content that is custom generated and published on these pages without receiving any credit. In other words, it can be affirmed that in the digital age the two terms are practically synonyms.

Some may refute that the Ghostwriter is a concept associated with the production of major works. But in that case, one would be talking about degrees of expertise and not about different work modalities.

Positivity of ghostwriting

There are several advantages of being a freelance copywriter or Ghostwriter. The demand for work under this modality is almost infinite. On the web, there are millions of sites that need to publish content on a daily basis to maintain relationships with their customers and the relevance of their brand, but for different reasons, they cannot dedicate themselves to writing the texts and require someone to sell them along with the rights of intellectual property.

In addition, there are several celebrities, businessmen and even renowned writers who for one reason or another go to these services, although to reach these levels it is necessary to be extremely good and be recognized in the middle as an excellent and reliable ghostwriter.

Despite the competition, you can earn financial compensation far superior to those of many professionals in other fields. It all depends on the quality of your work and the size of the projects for which you are hired. Generally, your compensation does not depend on the success of the text, so you earn in the same way if it becomes a failure or a viral content; although when it comes to books that may become relevant, you can charge a percentage of total sales.

However, the most important thing is that while doing so you learn about various topics and develop experience to launch your own brand or execute your own writing projects. It is already known that it is the practice that makes the teacher.

Services that a ghostwriter provides

The term ghost writer or ghostwriter is used to describe the editor who does not publicly exercise authorship over his articles. In the case that the editor gives his copyright and his texts are accredited to another person. Hence, the term ghostwriting is used to the product, since the actual author of the product remains hidden from the public. Ghostwriting Services include branding & publicity, book video trailers, web design, SEO marketing, audiobooks, cover designs, editing, and publishing services.

You might have an idea but you don’t know where to begin from? You have all the possible capabilities of writing your story but your busy schedule isn’t allowing you to manage time? You must consider ghost writers. Their vast collection of writing styles include memoirs, fiction, non-fiction, biography and informative content.

It is very essential to make clear that if a company or writer requires to seek the services of a ghost writer, he must do so with someone he trusts and you have to be clear that the person who will write on your behalf will also be responsible for your image. You should be very careful when hiring that person.

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