What Is HIV PrEP and How Does It Work?

There is a prescription once a day to correct pre-openness prophylaxis or prep-HIV cases. It is intended for people who do not live with HIV, but are more likely to have the condition.

Preventing infection can help you and your partners fight HIV. Helps to overcome the difficulties of becoming V. It is not for people living effectively with HIV.

Today, there are two clear FDA-backed antiviral meds for PREP. Whenever taken regularly, they are forced to prevent HIV cases.

To study how they help reduce preconceived notions and HIV signal conflict.


How does PrEP work in forestalling HIV? 

Medications utilized for PrEP have a place with a class of antiviral prescriptions called nucleoside/nucleotide turn around transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs). They work by preventing the infection from duplicating in your body. 

Prior to beginning PrEP, and no less than like clockwork while you're taking the prescription, you should be tried for HIV and have a negative test outcome. 

In the event that you've been presented with HIV or show side effects of an intense case, you will stand by to ensure you test negative prior to restarting on the PrEP drug. 

It's critical to sit tight for a negative test outcome since PrEP can't successfully treat HIV all alone, and medication opposition may create if PrEP is taken during an HIV case. 

Counteraction directing is another significant piece of PrEP. Prior to beginning PrEP treatment, a medical services proficient can help you:

  • better comprehend your odds of contracting HIV 
  • counteraction strategies 
  • why it very well may be advantageous to make PrEP part of your day by day schedule

The time allotment you'll take PrEP will rely upon your individual wellbeing factors. Talk with a medical services supplier about your wellbeing encounters and what amount of time you need to require for PrEP.

What are the various kinds of PrEP? 

The two affirmed PrEP meds are Truvada and Descovy.


Truvada contains the dynamic fixings emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate. It is accessible in both brand-name and conventional structures. 

Truvada comes in numerous qualities, and the dose is endorsed for HIV treatment or PrEP. 

It comes in tablet structure and is required once per day for grown-ups and teenagers who weigh at any rate 35 kilograms (around 77 pounds). Truvada is endorsed for the two guys and females.


Descovy is additionally a tablet that is taken once day by day. It contains the fixings emtricitabine and tenofovir alafenamide. 

Descovy can be utilized by grown-ups and teenagers who weigh at any rate 35 kilograms (77 pounds). Descovy isn't endorsed for use by females who have more noteworthy odds of creating HIV from vaginal sex since viability has not been tried in this bunch.

Who may be a decent contender for PrEP? 

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source, 1.2 million individuals in the United States contracted HIV in 2018, and 1 out of 7 individuals didn't realize they had gotten the infection. 

Individuals who may profit by PrEP treatment are those who've had butt-centric or vaginal sex over the most recent a half year and individuals who: 

  • have a sexual accomplice who has HIV with a recognizable viral burden or an obscure viral burden 
  • haven't utilized a condom on a predictable premise during sex 
  • have gotten an explicitly communicated contamination (STI) in the previous a half year

It is additionally suggested for individuals who infuse drugs and: 

  • share (needles) 
  • have an infusion accomplice who has tried positive for HIV 

In the event that you have been recommended post-openness prophylaxis (PEP) on numerous occasions and keep on having higher odds of creating HIV, get some information about beginning PrEP.

Upsides and downsides for HIV PrEP treatment 

There can be numerous elements to consider when beginning another drug. Here are a couple of things to mull over when choosing if PrEP might be ideal for you:

Does PrEP for HIV work? 

PrEP is exceptionally powerful at forestalling HIV when it is taken on a standard timetable as endorsed by a specialist. 

As indicated by the CDCTrusted Source, these meds — whenever taken routinely — bring down the risks of contracting HIV from sex by around 99% and around 74% in individuals who infuse drugs. 

Notwithstanding, the meds above are not viable immediately. You need to take them day by day for at any rate 7 daysTrusted Source for greatest insurance from HIV with responsive butt-centric sex. 

With infusion drug use or responsive vaginal sex, most extreme insurance happens after around 21 daysTrusted Source with day by day use. 

Remember that the adequacy of Descovy among females who have responsive vaginal sex has not been demonstrated.

Is it protected to take PrEP for HIV? 

Truvada and Descovy are by and large protected, however, a few groups may encounter results. A portion of these results might be not kidding. 

Prior to beginning Descovy or Truvada for PrEP, talk with medical services proficient about any ailments you have and the results and advantages of PrEP. For instance, in the event that you have genuine kidney conditions, these drugs may not be alright for you to take. 

Additionally, on the off chance that you've contracted hepatitis B before, let your PCP know. Halting Truvada or Descovy may demolish a hepatitis B case. 

A medical care proficient will screen your liver capacity and can treat the hepatitis B case on the off chance that it erupts. 

It's significant not to take PrEP prescriptions in the event that you live with HIV. This is on the grounds that the medication may get impervious to the infection in the event that you take it while you live with HIV. 

You will have a blood test done prior to beginning the prescription and will retest no less than like clockwork while you're taking it.

Conceivable results 

Some basic results of the two meds include: 

  • the runs 
  • exhaustion (sleepiness) 
  • migraine 
  • sickness 

Uncommon however genuine results of both include: 

  • rash (unfavorably susceptible response) 
  • liver and kidney issues 
  • demolishing hepatitis B case 
  • lactic acidosis (an excessive amount of lactic corrosive in the blood)

These are not the entirety of the conceivable results of Truvada and Descovy. Ask a medical care proficient or drug specialist for more data about these prescriptions, incorporating communications with other endorsed or over-the-counter meds you take. 

In the event that you experience a hypersensitive response or other genuine results to PrEP prescriptions, call 911 or go to a crisis clinical middle

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