ai in agriculture

What is Image Annotation in Agriculture?

Image annotation services becoming more imperative owing to more development in computer vision based AI models for the new fields.

Image annotation services becoming more imperative owing to more development in computer vision based AI models for the new fields. Agriculture is one of the most vital field need such cutting-edge technology to improve the crop yield and boost the productivity with less efficiency.

ai in agriculture

Actually, image annotation is the more precise technique to make the various objects recognizable to machines using the deep learning algorithms. Ai In agriculture field image annotation helps to make crops and other things recognizable to make the right decision without use of humans. So, let’s find out what image annotation can do for agricultural field and how it is utilize in machine learning and AI.

Detecting the Crops/ Fruits/Vegetables 

The robots used agriculture and farming to detect the crops including fruits and vegetables for performing various tasks. Image annotation annotate the crops to make them recognizable to machine learning models like robots or drones. 

Annotation to Check Plants Fructification

Just like detecting the crops, image annotation also helps to check fructification level of plants, if they are ready for harvesting or what is the maturity level of plants. Image annotation technique can help to detect such plants and inform the farmers to take actions as per the crops Fructification levels.

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Crops Health Monitoring    

Apart from detecting the crops, image annotation also helps computer vision models to check or monitor the health of the crops through deep learning AI model training. The robots can closely monitor the crop or plant and analyze its condition whether its matured, not matured, infected or need pesticides to protect from insects and other harmful pests.     

Live Stock Management

Animal husbandry, that usually comes in farming, you can say part of agricultural sector can be also managed by AI-enabled devices. Image annotation helps to detect and recognize the animals helping the farmers to keep an eye and monitor the live stocks making the animal husbandry business profitable. Bounding box annotation and polygon annotation helps to recognize the animals precisely.    

ai in agriculture

Annotation for Geo-sensing

In agricultural sector image annotation also used for geo-sensing to check the soil condition and other attributes of the agricultural fields to analyze the situation to decide for the right timing of crop sowing and harvesting. Basically drones are used and semantic segmentation image annotation technique is used observe and monitor the health condition of the various agricultural fields.

Annotation to Detect Unwanted Crops

With useful crops there are many unwanted crops, grow that utilize the minerals of the soil under the roots, that should reach to main crop. Such unwanted plants are called weeds that should be removed to improve the crop yield of the crops and boost the productivity of entire agricultural field. Anolytics provides the image annotation service for agricultural and farming to make such crops and live stocks recognizable to robots and drones through computer vision. It is providing the high-quality training data sets for machine learning models develop for various fields including agricultural. Anolytics work with highly-skilled annotators to annotate the images with best quality to make sure the AI model can precisely detect and recognize the various objects for right prediction in real-life.

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