What is the Evolution of Constructive Technology?

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A lot has been spoken about how Netflix has replaced your DVDs Spotify has taken over your Sony walkman but have you ever wondered how the construction technology has changed? As the construction industry is rapidly advancing to a digital-first world, it has become necessary for the developers to adapt to technological changes to help serve you better.  This evolution of construction technology has caused several disruptive changes in both the processes and products.  Developers like Mahendra Homes, who to their credit have constructed several flats for sale in Bangalore are part of this change. So, let’s take a look at what these changes are.The late ‘80s and early nineties saw the advent of ERP which was deemed as a one-stop solution to merge functions and organize their operations more efficiently. Additionally, it helped to aggregate important data. It was majorly used by the larger construction companies on account of it being expensive. Smaller construction companies used either Lotus 1-2-3 or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The nineties saw a shift towards mobile technology which proved to be a huge help. On the job site, this allowed contractors and construction managers to document job performance, machinery performance, and damage, machine efficiency, etc and relay the information to the concerned parties.

As has been the norm, there are still several construction companies that still rely on manual methods of drawing construction estimates. But now, more and more organizations like Mahendra Homes have started accommodating construction software for their properties in Bangalore. This allows professionals to envision a job from idea to completion. There are several types of construction software like cost estimating software, construction management software, and performance tracking software. By employing this software, Mahendra Homes has seen an increase in accuracy in their estimations and predictions. Increased accuracy means fewer mistakes that in turn lead to less overhead loss. This benefit is passed on to the end consumer. Even the transport machinery is not like how it used to be. What used to be large trucks has now shifted to smaller smarter and energy-efficient vehicles that help save on fuel and save costs. While large vehicles are still very much an important part of the construction business, these vehicles have proved to be extremely helpful in speed up the processes. More and more construction companies have also started investing in solar power and wind energy to spend less money on energy. Additionally, previously, engineers would construct a building construction timeline via 2D documents which have now been replaced by 3D and 4D modeling techniques thus making the job easier. By incorporating these technologies, engineers can create visual construction calendars that are editable and changeable depending on the situation.

Construction companies like Mahendra Homes are a part of this change and employ several of these technologies in their flats in Bangalore which is why they are known for their timely delivery. Technology has reinterpreted every industry in the world and construction is no exception and Mahendra Homes has recognized this which is reflected in their properties in Bangalore. To know more, book a visit to Mahendra Homes. 



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