FUE hair transplant

What is the Procedure of FUE Hair Transplant?

It's not uncommon to hear people say that they are witnessing hair loss at a great scale. Gone are the days when people were happy and did not face any such skin issues. If they had some issue, they treated it at their home only with the help of natural remedies. It was so because, in earlier times, there were not any cosmetic and other treatments to treat such conditions in people. But times have changed a lot. These days, everyone is facing one or the other skin issue. One such issue is hair loss in both men and women, and that too on a great scale. The reason for hair loss in every person can vary as it depends on the personal physique of the concerned person. Be it mild or severe hair loss; you can get it treated with the vast number of treatments available at your disposal. One such treatment is a FUE hair transplant. 


About FUE hair transplant 

FUE hair transplant refers to the follicular unit extraction, a kind of hair transplant surgery that extracts your hair follicles from the back and sides of the head most probably and transplants them to the area where there is less hair. In some time only, you will begin to notice the excellent results of the hair transplant procedure as it will greatly increase the volume of your hair. 


The procedure of FUE hair transplant 

Before starting with the transplant procedure, you are given the local anesthesia, and then everything else is performed. Usually, one or more hair follicles are removed, and this varies from person to person. The number of hair follicles extracted will depend upon the hair loss. One instrument is used to remove the follicles, and the instrument is known as a microsurgical extraction instrument. 

The surgeon then uses the same instrument to extract the follicles. Along with this, the scalp area is also punctured so that it opens the grafts. The hairs are transplanted in such a way that it matches the original hair. Consequently, it will give you natural-looking results. 


How long does the hair transplant take? 

It's your choice if you want to get it done in one single long session or want multiple sessions of it. As far as it is about the time taken by the treatment, then it is time-consuming. But the procedure is so effective that it does not leave any scars after the treatment is done. Otherwise, the time taken by the treatment will vary and depend upon the fact that how many grafts are transplanted. If the procedure is small, meaning only 200 grafts are transplanted, it will need less time. On the contrary, if the transplantation involves 2500-3000 grafts, you will need more sessions of the transplant, and consequently, it will take more time. 


Recovery after FUE hair transplant 

Usually, the transplant does not involve large areas of the scalp to be harvested. Along with this, there is no linear incision and no scars after one gets done with the treatment. There are only small puncture scars after the treatment, which are invisible and are not visible to many people. Besides this, there is no post-surgical pain and discomfort in the treatment. As far as the recovery after getting the FUE hair transplant, the recovery time is less than seven days. 


FUE hair transplant cost 

Cost is the one thing that people consider before opting for any treatment. The same is the case with FUE hair transplant also. People think that these treatments are bound to be expensive. This may be true to some extent, but not always. The hair transplant will cost you around $4000-$15000 and that too per session. Apart from this, the cost can vary based on how many hairs are transplanted and the expertise of your surgeon. Consequently, the cost will differ from person to person. 


FUE hair transplant areas 

People wonder where they can get the FUE hair transplant to get the hair loss treated. Most likely, they are performed on the scalp. But it doesn't mean that you can get it only at the scalp. There are other areas also where you can get it treated. You can also get the FUE hair transplant done on your arms, legs, and even your genital area. 


Side effects of FUE hair transplant 

As it is a type of surgery, there are bound to be some side effects after a person undergoes the treatment. Every person needs to be aware of the side effects before availing of the treatment. 

There are chances that a person can develop some infection around the treated area. Apart from this, there can be redness, numbness, swelling, and tingling sensation around the treatment area. In some rare cases, the hair thinning continues even after getting the transplant done. 


After FUE hair transplant 

After getting the FUE hair transplant done, you need to follow some aftercare tips to get better results. Like one should avoid washing your hair for some days. If you are washing your hair, then try to use some mild shampoo. For quick healing after the procedure, take a few days off from work. Also, do not do any hard physical activity for some days. 



Without any doubt, getting an FUE hair transplant will improve your personality and beauty at the same time. 


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