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What Is The Right Way To Use Macadamia Oil For Hair?

Macadamia trees are well known for their many benefits for hair and overall health. They are found in tropical regions, and macadamia oil derived from these trees have been an essential ingredient of organic wellness products for centuries.

The oil contains multi-vitamins, healthy fatty acids, and protein, essential for healthy hair growth and damage protection. Even today, many manufacturers use this magical oil in organic shampoos and conditioners.

However, since macadamia oil is not your regular coconut oil, there are specific ways to use it to extract maximum benefit and that too without any adverse effects. In the following article, we will discuss the proper ways to use macadamia oil for hair.

So, let’s start!

Use As A Regular Leave-In Hair Oil

Most dermatologists recommend macadamia oil as regular leave-in hair oil, just like using coconut oil regularly. For best results, take a coin size amount of freshly pressed macadamia oil and rub it between your palms. Once you have created a thin layer of oil on your palms, apply thoroughly over your hair strands, all the way from root to tip.

Using it as a regular leave-in oil will provide much-required nourishment to your hair and will also repair the split ends and texture damage.

As A Before-Shampoo Detangler

We are used to oiling our hair before shampoo for detangling and getting rid of knots in the hair. Using macadamia oil for hair detangling before a hair wash yields better results as it has better absorption capability and provides sufficient moisture to your hair.

As A Conditioner For Damaged Hair And Split Ends

Massaging your hair and scalp with macadamia oil helps you repair your damaged hair and reduces split ends. For best results, massage your hair and scalp with fresh macadamia oil and leave it as it is for around 20 minutes before rinsing.

You can also use some sun while applying a shower cap to freshly massaged hair since it helps in trapping heat. Or you can go with a steam treatment for working wonders on your low porosity hair.

Direct Consumption Of Macadamia Nuts

We already listed the names of nutrients present in the macadamia nuts and how beneficial they are for your overall health and hair. Consuming macadamia nuts gives you a dose loaded with antioxidants, eliminating harmful free radicals in the body. The fatty acids also improve hair health from within and nurture them thoroughly.


Hair and scalp are the most exposed parts of our body, and they face dirt and pollution more than we can imagine. Therefore, it is necessary to provide extra care to them through organic treatments like macadamia oil.

There’s no denying that organic therapies yield long term results compared to synthetic hair care products, and there’s a negligible risk of side effects. However, it is better to ensure that you are not allergic to the particular seed or oil before consuming it. Always run a patch test before applying it to your hair.


Moreover, expecting and lactating mothers should avoid using new organic therapies like macadamia oil.

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