What Is Wrong with Some Aspirants Strategy

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Some aspirants work really hard during their preparation of SSC CGL but still don't clear the exam. they're left wondering where they went wrong even after studying for 12-14 hours each day. What should be kept in mind is that although it matters what proportion you study, what matters quite that's your approach. If your approach is wrong, regardless of what proportion you study, you'll not be ready to clear the exam. But if you follow the proper approach, then you'll clear the exam even after studying for a couple of hours a day.


Here are some recommendations on what you ought to not do while preparing for SSC CGL


1. Studying Everything

What most students fail to know is that they are doing not need to study everything. They devour a book and begin learning the concepts and begin solving the questions. you would like to act smart here. you'll either memorize the syllabus or keep it handy whenever you sit right down to study and study only those topics that are given within the syllabus. Why waste time on something that will not be asked within the exam!


2. Using Multiple Sources

This is a standard mistake made by most aspirants. rather than using only one source or simply one reference, aspirants prepare from different sources with the aim of learning the simplest from everywhere. this is often again a wrong approach. you would like to stay at only one reliable source and prepare from it.

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3. Not Learning the fundamentals First

Many of the scholars, rather than understanding the fundamentals first, start solving the questions. they begin with the solved examples and check out to use an equivalent technique in other questions, especially within the reasoning section. this is often the incorrect approach. you would like to know that each question requires a special quite approach that you initially got to study. The solved examples are there to demonstrate how technology is applied.

The same goes for quantitative aptitude. Learn the fundamentals first and solve questions of the beginner level first. Once you master the fundamentals, you'll realize that each one other question that appears complicated is often solved using the fundamentals. this may help in solving the questions quickly too. What you'll do for this is often study the NCERT first and master the fundamentals then advance to other reference books for practice.


4. Not Revising

Revision is as important as understanding the concepts and practicing the questions. Revision is of critical importance as far because the general awareness section cares. There are numerous belongings you got to learn and memorize that you simply are sure to forget many of them till the exam approaches. The key here is repetition. Keep revising whatever you learn regularly.


You can break your revision schedule into weekly and monthly revisions. this may make sure that you are doing not forget any facts or names within the exam. Attempting small quizzes from time to time is additionally an excellent thanks to keeping your memory fresh. you'll either make notes and revise from them otherwise you can take a print out of the fabric and revise it from them. Choose the choice that's most convenient for you.


I hope the above points will assist you in your SSC CGL 2020 preparation strategy. confirm that you simply don't make these mistakes and surely, you'll get on your thanks to clear the exam. All the best!


5. Not Analyzing Mock Papers

This is the most important mistake that the majority of the aspirants commit. They practice tons of questions and after getting confident enough, they solve mock papers and former year question papers but fail to analyze them. you would like to grasp the very fact that solving questions from a book is totally different from solving them during a mock paper. it's an opportunity that you simply skills to unravel an issue but aren't getting the time to unravel it within the exam. this is often where the analysis will play a crucial part. it'll assist you in identifying your strong and weak areas so you'll plan your strategy to aim the paper accordingly. Attempt the questions of the subject you're strong in first. Remember that Tier 1 is merely qualifying in nature and you only got to clear the cut-off.